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Welcome contemporary romance author, Lisa A. Olech...

So happy to have my good friend and fellow agency romance author, Lisa Olech here today - Hi, Lisa!! Lisa writes steamy contemporary romance for The Wild Rose Press and is here to talk about her latest release Rock Solid as well as sharing a little about herself. Let's get started with my interview questions...

Hi Rachel! Thank you again for having me on your blog!

Here are the answers to some of your interview questions:

1.      What comes first, plot or characters?
It depends on the book, of course, but I’d have to say I usually have one or both characters solidly ensconced in my head. Most times “they’ve” been nagging me for their story for a while. I just wish they weren’t so loud! After that, I have a very broad plotline. I’m a card-carrying “pantser” with an evil twin—meaning, I allow my characters to run things for a little while, but then I throw a bus or two at them in the way of conflict and watch them try to deal with it. Then, I make the bus bigger! See? Evil!

2.      Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?
You know, I don’t think I do in the sense that I ever stop “working.” There are odd things that I get stuck on occasionally. I will obsess on a word or a name for hours until I find the right one, or I’ll get tripped up on some small plot point, but my mind won’t stop until I’ve figured out a solution. Generally a good night’s sleep is the best cure for that. It gives my muse some much needed quiet to work things out.

3.     Tell us about your latest book?
I really love this book. Maximo Vega is steaming hot. Dark. Mysterious. Emily Baskins is this wonderfully bright, fun character, clutzy and frazzled, but there is a strength and passion in her that I admire. She’s very generous and loyal, to a fault sometimes, but she’s the type of friend I’d like to have.
Here’s what the back blub says about ROCK SOLID:

MAXIMO VEGA is a “rock” star! The media proclaimed him 'The Sculptor for the New Generation,' but he’s a reclusive artist ensnared by fame. Driven and intense, his isolation only adds to his mystique. Couple that with his smoldering good looks and rich Italian accent… Fans sigh his name.

EMILY BASKINS is a gifted graduate student at the Stoddard School of Art. To land an internship at the Vega Studio is her golden ticket. All she has to do is follow the rules. And stay out of trouble. Two things Emily has never been able to do.

As Max becomes trapped in the glare of the limelight, he discovers his greatest muse. He teaches Emily to breathe passion into clay and give marble a soul. But is their fiery relationship as rock solid as they believe? Or will a lie shatter the illusion?

4.     What’s next for you?
Next? I’m having such fun with the Stoddard Art School Series, I’ve lined up three more! The next artist is mentioned in ROCK SOLID. You’ll have to see if you can spot them!! My lips are sealed!


Maximo Vega gathered his composure. He wore a black T-shirt, gray across the shoulders with dust, worn jeans, and heavy boots under a thick leather apron that reached to his knees. Hanging his head and bracing his hands on his hips, he was a study in frustration. The sleeves of his shirt hugged defined muscles of steely arms. And his hands…they were artist’s hands. Sculptor’s hands. Beaten by stone and scarred by tools. They spoke of years of rugged, blistering work.

He was tall. His shadowed jaw, rigid with anger, cut sharply against the tanned column of his neck. 

Maximo slapped the chisel on his leathered thigh. “I pay you. You find me good hands! Not idiota!”

“I’m sorry, Maximo. He’s gone. You’ll never have to work with him again.”


The great artist’s gaze slid over Emily. His eyes stopped at the white-knuckled hold she had on the large black portfolio.

He waved a hand toward her. “What are you?”

Emily’s throat slammed shut.

“A new intern possibly,” offered Dante. “She’s here from the Stoddard School of Art.”

Deep brown eyes the color of rich coffee, no cream, speared her beneath frowning brows. He flipped his hand toward the portfolio. “Come. Show me.”

Emily shot a look to Dante. He gave her a tiny nudge, like a parent pushing a frightened child toward Santa’s lap.

“Come, come, come.” He snatched the portfolio from her numb fingers, unzipped it and laid it open across a crowded worktable. He used the rag in his hand to wipe the sweat from his lip as he flipped through photos and sketches of her latest works.

“Nice. Hmm. No.” A nod for this one. A shake of the head for another. “Yes. This one is good. Good.”

He looked away from her sketches and gave her a hard stare before looking down the full length of her and back again in a slow appraisal. Emily released the breath she was holding.

“Let me see your hands.”

She held them out and he grasped her wrists and examined first her palms before turning them over. 

“Cold,” he said just loud enough for her to hear.

The smell of the heat of his body and the spice of soap drifted past her.


He lifted a quick eyebrow. “Good.”



Lisa A. Olech is an artist/writer living in her dream house nestled among the lakes in New England. She loves getting lost in a steamy book, finding the perfect pair of sexy shoes, and hearing the laughter of her men. Being an estrogen island in a sea of testosterone makes her queen. She believes in ghosts, silver linings, the power of a man in a tuxedo, and happy endings.

Comments?? Questions?? 

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