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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Welcome Soul Mate Publishing author, Anna James...

1)   What is the best and worse thing you have learned from an editor/agent?
The BEST thing I learned from a NY editor – They liked my wring.
The WORST thingI learned from a NY editor – They didn’t like the style of the story

2)   What is your typical day?

I start my day with a cup of coffee and feeding our dog. After the coffee is consumed, I take the dog for a walk. After I get ready, I’m off to my day job, then it’s home, another walk with the dog and the hubby… Finally, after dinner, it’s time to write!

3)   What do you read while in the midst of a project? Or don’t you?

I read sometimes when I get writer’s block, but mostly to relax. Usually, I choose some kind of romance. There are so many authors I love.

4)    What do you do with a paperback once you’ve read it?
I keep the ones signed by other authors I know, but the ones that are not signed, I donate.
5)    Are you nervous about friends reading your book?
I was when I first started writing but I’m not anymore.
6)    What things inspire you to write? Location, music, film or even in a book?
Actually, going to the CTRWA monthly meeting really inspires me. It’s such a wonderful, supportive group to be a part of.
7)    What’s next for you?

I’m working on a couple of different projects right now. A LOVE WORTH SAVING – Book 2 Forever Yours Trilogy, and a single title contemporary.

KEEPING HER GUILTY SECRET  - Available September 17, 2014
A secret she must keep… A man she can’t resist


Author Bio:

 Anna James writes heartwarming contemporary stories with strong, confident heroes and heroines who conquer life’s trials and live happily ever after.  She has been writing professionally since 2010, is a member of RWA, CTRWA (Connecticut Romance Writers of America), CORW (Charter Oak Romance Writers) and RWA Contemporary Romance Writers. Publishing credits include two category length novels, five novellas and one short story.
Anna is married to a wonderful husband who spends countless hours picking up the slack around the house so she can pursue her dream of writing, and is the proud mother of five fabulous children.
Although she’s lived in several locations throughout her life she now calls Connecticut home. When not writing, she can be found spending time with family and friends.

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