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Saturday, 17 May 2014

My first public appearance...

Last Wednesday was a day I had been dreading - nerves abounded as I counted the days to my first public appearance. My good friend and fellow writer, Alison Knight, had asked me if would like to appear alongside her as guest speakers for a group of breast cancer survivors who regularly meet to talk and enjoy common interests and good conversation.

I was terrified but reluctantly agreed and forced myself to go - it was one of my New Year's resolution to speak publicly at least twice this year.

My nerves were a complete waste of energy!

I had such a good time! The women were welcoming, kind and wonderfully inspiring. Meeting in Bath at a gorgeous Georgian townhouse that has been converted into a cafe bar, meeting rooms and
restaurant, The Porter was an ideal venue.

Alison introduced us and then I went on to explain a little about my journey from writing short stories to my current contracts writing for Harlequin and eKensington. Although nervous, it wasn't long before these wonderful ladies started asking questions and showing enthusiasm and interest in our work. Our half an hour time slot flew by and the books I entered into the raffle were snapped up by eager hands!

I had a wonderful time and hope to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying my next venture out of the house and into the big, wide world - it's not as scary as you might think!

How do you feel about public speaking? Any tips for next time??

Rachel x


  1. I was scared out of my mind, Liz - SO glad I did it though :) Bring on the next one!

    Rachel x