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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Welcome romance writer, Marilyn Kelly...

1.    What do you wish men understood about women?

Willingly helping with chores will get men more action than flowers or candy. Maybe not more than jewelry, but even that is debatable.

2.    Do you only work on one book at a time?

Yes, although sometimes I have to stop for edits on old manuscripts. It drives me a little crazy to leave my current story behind, but I enjoy revisiting my past stories and making them better, so it’s easy to accept as part of the publication process.

3.    Who is your favorite fictional couple?

This took me a while, but I’ll go with Shrek and Fiona. I love how so many Disney movies are romances.

4.    Favorite TV show?

House Hunters International is my default comfort show. I lived in Argentina and Switzerland growing up, and I’ve always wanted to move back to Europe or someplace exotic.

5.    Do you set daily writing goals? Word count? Number of chapters? Do you get a chance to write every day?

I don’t set daily goals, I set annual ones. I try to write a book per year. I’m not a touch typist, so I’m happy with five pages a day, ecstatic with ten, and I have done up to twenty. I use Dragon dictation software now so it’s easier to have those really productive days. I used to write almost every day, but in the past year, I’ve taken on an exciting new project with our family business and my writing days have dwindled.

6.    Who was the last person you hugged?

My husband. We both work at home, so we see a lot of each other. This is a good thing.

7.    What are you working on now?

I just finished the edits on my newest release, and I have edits overdue on Puzzles of Passion, book 2 of my Wanton Widows series with Ellora’s Cave. I’m doing a lot of promotion for the next few months, and I’ll be attending RT and RWA. I do have a story perking about Starseed, the progeny of aliens. My husband enjoys watching Ancient Aliens and Close Encounters, and some of it is compelling. Would readers buy Men in Black meets Sleepless in Seattle?

8.    Tell us about your latest release and where we can find it.

My latest release is All the Boys I Ever Kissed-A Choose Your Own Ending Novel. Lana Patterson is a widowed travel writer who looks to her past boyfriends to find a husband. She has amazing adventures with a DC firefighter/paramedic, an Argentine millionaire, and an English baron, but each has their failings. Which man will she end up with? The readers get to choose.

I made this a Choose Your Own Ending Novel because I fell in love with all three men while writing the book. It pained me to choose one, so I wrote three different endings thinking I would find one I preferred. I didn’t. All of these men have their flaws and their strengths, and I decided the reader should get to choose their favorite. What you think of that idea?

I also wrote The Man Tell All Q&A because I missed having the men’s point of view in this first-person novel. I broke a lot of rules of the romance genre, but I’m happy with the end result. If you like it, please tell your friends. All the Boys I Ever Kissed is now available on Amazon.

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Marilyn Kelly bio:

I write super-strong women, which is no surprise. Growing up with five brothers, my theme song growing up was Anything They Can Do, I Can Do Better! I’ve traveled the world, visited over 40 countries and lived in three, earned a Master’s in Microbiology, obtained a patent, and trained thousands of emergency responders internationally. My creative side constantly knocked, and I beaded, faux painted and entertained as a wedding DJ on weekends for years. A few years ago, I started writing sexy historical romances and my college sweetheart husband jumped in, helping me with research and grinning all the way.

My Wanton Widows series, published by Ellora's Cave, is about three accomplished women in Victorian England who are all searching for love, respect, and passion. The first in the series is Sounds of Love about a matchmaking novelist, a scholarly widow and an arrogant earl.

All the Boys I Ever Kissed (A Choose Your Ending Novel) is my first contemporary romantic women’s fiction. If you like The Bachelorette or Mamma Mia, I hope you'll love this book!

My goal is to make thousands of readers happy and fulfilled. Please let me know if I've succeeded. If you would like to receive my newsletter and participate in contests, visit my website, or email me at


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  1. Sounds like fun! I haven't read a book that you choose your own ending in a long time.