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Saturday, 19 April 2014

HELP!!!! The writing has come to a horrible stop...

Back to school, my darlings!!

Until these Easter school holidays I thought I was pretty good at time management…but how very wrong I was! Oh, lordy, lordy! Almost three long weeks of barely typing a word and when I have it hasn’t been very good – not a great recipe for producing something polished enough to submit to Harlequin in a few weeks time.

I’m mum to teenage and almost teen daughters – the age where I stupidly assumed they would be out with their friends enjoying this rare and gorgeous sunshine we’ve had. Remember when we did that? Yes? Well, as other writer mums out there reading this undoubtedly already know, such expectation is laughable. I soon discovered kids don’t need to go out with friends when they have virtual ones all over the internet and TV, arrghh!!

Alas, the holidays are almost over and my little darlings will soon be back to school. I intend to feverishly write once more, in the hope of finishing the synopsis and first three chapters for Harlequin book five as well as polishing and submitted Kensington book three.

But anyway, onwards and upwards, we are into April now and don’t have to think about the summer holidays…for at least three months, eekk!!

Writers block? What’s that? Haven’t got time for such a thing ;)

Happy holidays wherever you are!

Rachel x

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