Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Welcome Paranormal Romance author, Linda Nightingale...

 Hi, Linda! Great to have you here - I am looking forward to learning more about what you've been up to since you last visited and of course, your latest releases :) Thank you so much for your generous GIVEAWAY, you have detailed at the end of our interview. Let's get started...

1)  What kind of music do you like?  I love music—most kinds—but prefer classical, particularly piano.

2)  Describe your dream home…  By the ocean.  I love mountains, too, but to live by the sea, walk on the beach and listen to the waves would be heaven to me.  When I am rich and famous, I will live on the Battery in Charleston, South Carolina in one of the wildly expensive mansions facing the Atlantic.

3)  Favorite literary hero & heroine?  Dorian Gray.  I also like Lestat from Anne Rice’s series.

4)   What are you reading now?  An autobiography of the Duke of Windsor, a fascinating look at how royalty lives.

5)  How many books have your written?  I have 3 published (Gemini Rising, Sinners’ Opera and Cardinal Desires) and about 6 in different stages in my computer. Which is your favourite?  Sinners’ Opera or as yet unpublished I, Lucifer, told from his POV in first person.  I, Lucifer isn’t a satanic novel but a different look at the most beautiful angel.

6)  What comes first, plot or characters?  Characters always.  One character will walk on stage and begin his/her story then others will be introduced along the way.

7)  Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?  Yes. Usually after receiving a rejection letter.  When I suffer this calamity, I just write anything on the page even if I toss it later.

8)  Twitter or Facebook? Both.  Why? Both social media are great tools for promotion as well as for keeping up with friends.

Tell us about your latest book?  Cardinal Desires is a paranormal romance with lots of suspense and sexy vampires.  I’ve shared the back of the book blurb.  Cardinal is available in print and ebook formats on Amazon and at Double Dragon Publishing.  Before publication, the manuscript won the Maggie Award from the GRW in mainstream unpublished.

 Cardinal Desires Blurb:

How can Katy McCaully resist Sterling Fox?  At fifteen, she fell in love with a man in a painting, and he looks exactly like that Novgorodian knight.  Even though he's got the keys to her chemistry set, she mustn't succumb to his charms.  She's a forensic psychiatrist working with Scotland Yard.  He's a high-profile journalist who invades the underworld for a story or broadcasts live at the scene of the world's worst tragedies.  Police and media do not mix.  Katy doesn’t know they are both trying to capture the same serial killer.  Modern London doesn't know that the Vampire Slayer has also killed four vampires.  
9)  What’s next for you?  My WIP is a short story collection staring Morgan D’Arcy the hero in Sinners’ Opera.  Morgan is my favorite character.  He is a concert pianist, an English lord and a vampire.  He has everything except what he most desires—Isabeau.

I would like to give one commenter a download of my novella about the Grigori, the angels who fell to lust.  Or was it love?  The Night Before Doomsday is also available on Amazon.  Also, I’ll send autographed cover flats and a Sinners’ Opera magnet to one commenter.

Thanks for allowing me to guest on your lovely blog, Rachel.


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