Saturday, 21 September 2013

One of the best weekends ever!!!

Well, it's taken me a week but I've finally recovered from the trauma...that resulted in the best time I've had for months! From last Friday to Sunday I was immersed in a weekend that was entirely revolved around writing. What a treat!

For those of you who don't know me personally, I am incredibly nervous when it comes to travelling alone and meeting new people. Last weekend was three days of combining the two. Suffice to say, I was in one hell of a state in the days leading up to the point of I was physically sick, lost four pounds and slept somewhat sporadically.

What a total waste of energy!!

I had a wonderful, wonderful time!! :)

On Friday, I travelled to London with fellow Harlequin author, Charlotte Phillips for the Harlequin lunch at the fabulous Horseguards hotel. Once Charlotte and I (both virgin solo travellers) met up and attacked our nerves and the journey with gusto, I completely relaxed and enjoyed every minute of socialising, meeting authors in person whom I'd spoken to online for months (years in most cases) as well as making new friends. Thank you Anna Sugden, Kate Walker, Jessica Gilmore, Lucy King, Christy McKellen and SO many others for sharing so many laughs and a great day.

On Saturday and Sunday, it was off to beautiful Bath to meet my dear, dear friend Teri Wilson whom I've spoken to for about six years online but never met. Teri was in the UK from Texas and having spent a few days in London, came to Bath to meet me and enjoy the Jane Austen festival. Nerves abounded for this particularly meeting - again, what was I thinking?? The second we met in the hotel lobby our conversation was non-stop. Why on earth didn't I realise if you speak to someone online and get on like a house on fire, the same is going to happen in person, lol! We had a blast and I know Teri will be a friend for life...even if she had to endure a beetroot based veggie burger and the strangest Regency fashion show known to man (don't ask!).

Thank you ladies for an unforgettable weekend - bring on the next one! :D

Rachel x

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