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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Welcome Wild Rose Press author, R E Mullins...

So happy to welcome a fellow Wild Rose Press author here today! As a rule, I don't read much paranormal romance but your cover has really caught my eye. Despite the 'don't judge a book by its cover', this cover would definitely make me pick this book up - over to you R E, looking forward to finding out more about you and "It's Wonderful Undead Life" :)

1)   My goal for 2013 was to finish the second book in my vampire series. Right now Vampire in the Scrying Glass is going through the submission process. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

2)   The best part of writing is when it’s flowing. I love when my characters are cooperating and understand what they’re supposed to be doing.

3)   The worst part of writing is when I suddenly decide I don’t like where things are heading. I’ve been known to wipe out 40,000 plus words with a single stroke after throwing a little tantrum and threatening my characters. I tell them if they don’t cooperate they might get a stake plunged into their hearts.

4)   I sit at a utility table set up on one side of the dining area. From there I can pretty much monitor the whole house. I can also see the TV and watch out the window. I put the birdbath there so I can watch the birds. You see, if my writing is going well the noise doesn’t bother me. If things aren’t going well…then nothing works and I take a walk.

5)   My first novel came out December 2012 and is a Christmas story. It’s A Wonderful Undead Life begins my vampire series about the Blautsauger family of Amber Heights, MO.
Blurb: It’s been a rough couple of years for Cailey Kantor. Now she’s not only facing her first Christmas season alone she’s also received some bad financial news. In desperation, she prays for an angel to come fix her problems. Instead, a sadistic, sociopathic vampire named Vincent who is working for the evil Toltecs confronts her. Trying to start a war between the two rivaling factions of vampires, he bites Cailey then forces her to drink blood stolen from the Nosferatu Gabriel Blautsauger. 
Now dying she must protect Gabe and his family by allowing him to finish her transformation. Just when she is adjusting to life as a vampire, the Toltecs return and again she becomes the bait to destroy the Blautsauger family.  
Trying to protect those she loves, Cailey is faces with lies, abduction and betrayal yet somewhere along the lines she manages to fall in love. 

Excerpt:  Cailey’s scrub top was gone, exposing her lacy bra,
and she was in the process of stepping out of the
drawstring pants. She glanced up, her gaze a bit wild.
“Hurry. Hurry. I think I might explode from all this
energy inside me. I feel like a popcorn maker and all
the kernels are popping at once. So much pressure in
here.” She dropped a hand to the juncture of her thighs
and pressed it against her.
“Cailey?” Gabe’s tone was an octave higher than
normal. When she straightened up, clad only in her
underwear, he gulped for air. “What are you doing?”
“Getting ready, of course.” Holding her wadded up
pants in front of her, she frowned at him. “I thought you
said you knew what you were doing.”
“I thought I did…” His voice trailed off, his gaze
locked on Cailey’s tight body. How had he missed just
how beautiful she was? Hidden beneath the baggy
scrubs was a living miracle. He took in the slight swell
of flesh above the lucky bra cupping her breasts, and
his fingers itched to run down the indentation of her
She dropped the pants to the floor. “Come on.
Come on, Gabe the Babe. I know all about when you
were at university and all the female vamps used to
chase you around and gloat if they made time with
“Ahem.” Gabe realized he had his sister to thank
for this new conundrum. More than a bit leery, he
asked, “What else did Metta tell you?”
“That we’re both kind of like virgins.”
“I beg your pardon?”
      7)   Everyone will probably roll their eyes in disbelief but I’ve just been       
 introduced to Susan Elizabeth Phillip. My mother has been reading her        works for years and lent me her football series while I was visiting last month.

     8)    Before I had my kindle, I often re-read books. Now it’s so easy to
download new ones. However, I know I’ll always go back to Pride and Prejudice and Fast Women by Jennifer Cruise.
9)    My first car was a 1976 Honda Civic. For those too young to remember the first civic was about the size of a smart car. It was white with a blue racing stripe and had a 8 track! During icy weather I slid into a snow drift on my campus parking lot and got stuck. Four college students came along and rescued me by simply picking up the car moving it out of the snow. 
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  1. Thank you Rachel for having me on your blog today. I just got back from visiting my daughter in Arizona and it's time to get back to work editing my 2nd book, Vampire in the Scrying Glass.
    The heat is radiating off my sun burnt body but fortunately it's cool and rainy here in Colorado.