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Monday, 15 July 2013

Welcome fellow agency author, Sharon Struth...

SO thrilled to have my fellow agency author and good friend, Sharon Struth visiting with me today! Sharon's novel, "The Hourglass" is picking up fantastic reviews all over the place and I cannot wait to read it - it's on the Kindle and slowly making its way to the top, lol! Wishing you fabulous success and sales, Sharon :)

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

When I began write, I thought it would happen with my first paid published piece. Wrong. When my first essay was accepted by a women’s magazine, I was thrilled but still choked on the word “writer” if anybody asked what I did for a living. Even several small pieces didn’t make it easier, but when I finished my first manuscript – mediocre as it was and has never left my desk – I knew I’d accomplished something big. The word writer then floated out of my mouth with more ease. By the time I finished my second manuscript and landed an agent, saying it felt more natural.

What comes first, plot or characters?

Almost always characters. In THE HOURGLASS, CJ and Brenda just appeared to me. I could mentally see them quite clearly and carried them in my head for at least six months before I wrote down anything about their story. Plot…now that’s always tough. Large pieces will always jump out at me, but I’m a bit of a pantster and the rest just sort of evolves over time.

Tell us about your latest book?

My agent is about to start looking for a publisher for SHARE THE MOON. The setting a lake community Connecticut, loosely modeled after my favorite place to in the state to kayaking.

The story centers on Sophie Shaw, a woman caught in a triangle between saving the land where her son died, mounting feelings for the developer who wants the land and upholding her reputation as an ethical reporter.



Can forgiveness survive lies and unspoken truths?

Until Brenda McAllister’s husband committed suicide, she appeared to have the ideal life: a thriving psychology practice, success as a self-help author, and a model family. But her guilt over her affair with Jack’s best friend prevents her from moving on. Did Jack learn of her infidelity? Was she the cause of his death?

The release of Brenda’s second book forces her into an unexpected assignment with arrogant celebrity author CJ Morrison, whose irritating and edgy exterior hides the torment of his own mistakes. But as she grows closer to CJ, Brenda learns she wasn’t the only one with secrets—Jack had secrets of his own, unsavory ones that may have led to his death. While CJ helps Brenda uncover the truth about her husband, she finds the path to forgiveness isn’t always on the map.


Somehow her goal of indifference toward this man had gone into hiding. Determined to fix the added damage she’d just done, she straightened her shoulders, softened her tone, and smiled. “Double-fisted drinker, huh?”
He cut his eyes in her direction and evaluated her with suspicion. “One’s for Autumn.”
Brenda chortled out loud as a Shirley Temple-drink wisecrack jumped from her brain to the tip of her tongue. About to open her mouth, she halted the comment when CJ narrowed his gaze.
“Listen.” Brenda’s tone became more affable. “We’ll have to work together pretty soon. I’m thinking we should clear the air.”
“Really? Well, I’d say you’re itching for a fight.”
For a brief second, she pondered the notion that he might be right. Had CJ’s earlier grumpiness offered an excuse to funnel untapped anger over Jack’s abrupt departure? Anger she’d kept bottled inside for the past year? “No. Just conversation.” She used as much sincerity as she could muster.
He surveyed her, then shook his head. “My Aussie grandmother used to call me a larrikin when I acted like you.”
“What’s a larrikin?”
“Depends on how it’s used.” He cast a scorn-laden glance in her direction.
The bartender placed two cognacs in front of CJ, who pulled a twenty from his pocket and handed it to him.
“You didn’t answer my question.”
The bartender returned with his change.
“Look it up.” CJ pocketed the bills, then lifted the drinks. His mouth curved into an I-got-the-last-word-this-time smirk and he walked away.

For a book trailer and more on The Hourglass:
~ About the Author ~

Novelist Sharon Struth believes you’re never too old to pursue a dream. The Hourglass, her debut novel, received first place in the Dixie Kane Memorial Contest and second place in the Golden Heart. She writes from the friendliest place she’s ever lived, Bethel, Connecticut, along with her husband, two daughters and canine companions. For more information, including where to find her published essays, please visit



  1. Good morning Rachel and friends! Thanks so much for hosting me today!

  2. Hi Sharon - Share The Moon sounds awesome and you know I loved The Hourglass. Good luck :)

    1. Thanks, Debbie. Let's hope it finds a publishing "home." Thanks for stopping by!