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Welcome romance author, Rose Gordon...

Hi, Rose! It's great to meet you and host you during your tour for "His Jilted Bride". I LOVE your cover and really looking forward to learning more about you and your writing. Let's get started!

1)    Did you set any goals for 2013?

Absolutely! I have all sorts of goals: how many words I’ll write (1,000,000—this might be a bit high, but I live by the old, “Aim for the moon and even if you miss, you’re still among the stars” saying), publish four books, become more involved with my readers, learn to play an instrument (the accordion—seriously). There are many, many more. I think goals are extremely important.

2)    What is the best part of the writing process for you?

Dreaming it up. This happens for me in some of the weirdest places: taking a shower, driving in the car, trying to fall asleep, eating dinner, staring out the window, doing research for something entirely unrelated. Anywhere. Some days I really struggle to get words on paper and I find that it comes easier to me when I walk the floor or do something total unrelated. Then it seems fun and I can get back on with my words.

3)    The worst part?

That first round of edits. This is generally my most extensive round of edits where I make the most changes based on my running list and making notes of things that I need to change later to make sure it all adds up and works out. The rounds that follow are generally more fun because my husband, crit partners, editors, friends so roughly about ten other people read over it and while they look for typos, their other comments are often humorous so it doesn’t seem nearly as bad as that first round.

4)    Tell me where you write.

I have a two-room 500+ square foot office in the upstairs of my house. It’s the only thing that’s upstairs. On the landing, where the “bonus room” is, I have a huge window-nook where I do some of my best writing. But when the kids get noisy, there’s a little room I can sneak off into and close the door.

5)    Tell us about a new author you’ve recently discovered.

She’s not “new” by any means, as she’s been writing longer than I have, but she’s “new-to-me”. Her name is Lauren Royal. Strangely enough, it was a reader of mine who pointed me in her direction and I have to say, I am now addicted to her books!

6)    Name two romances you’ve read more than once.

Beware a Scot’s Revenge by Sabrina Jeffries and Duchess by Night by Eloisa James.

7)    Tell us about your first car.

My official first car came in 2001 when I was sixteen, but it wasn’t really mine it was on loan from my parents. It was a 1990 Toyota 4-Runner with more than 265,000 miles on it. It was four-wheel drive, white, my dad’s “baby” and we called it “The Stud” due to its ability to dive over anything and pull anything out of a ditch. It couldn’t go fast—getting it up to 65 mph took about three minutes, but it had some brute strength. The first car I ever bought came four years later, when I shed a tear and had to trade in The Stud (now with more than 325,00 miles on the odometer) for a 2004 Pontiac Vibe with 64,000 miles. Our loan for this car (even after trading in The Stud) was more than $14,500. Imagine my surprise when I went to get it insured the next day to find out it was only worth, $11,000! (And yes, we still have this car. We have to get our money’s worth, you know.)

Rachel, thank you so much for having me on. It has been a real pleasure!

His Jilted Bride
by Rose Gordon



It's her wedding day and there is no groom in sight. But why should Amelia Brice be surprised? Hiram, Lord Friar is known for having no gentleman's honor to speak of and his jilting her on their wedding day makes it official.

Elijah Banks cannot allow his childhood friend to continue to be shamed this way. It's been almost an hour past the time when the wedding was to start, and that bounder still hasn't shown up. Unable to sit still a second longer, Elijah does the only thing that seems logical from where he stands: kidnap the bride and marry her himself in order to escape this scandal with one far more forgiving for a young lady's reputation.

The only trouble is, she has a secret...but so does he; hers is big...but his is bigger.



“Cake,” Amelia repeated with a nod as she removed her bonnet and tossed it over the back of the leather chair that was positioned in the middle of the common room in the hunting cabin. “I think you should treat me to a slice of the best cake Bath has to offer tomorrow.”

“You are a very strange young lady; did you know that?” he asked, chuckling. Who knew Amelia had a hankering for cake? No matter. If cake is all she demanded of him for having to endure his female relatives for the better half of an evening, cake is what she'd get.

“Well, now that I'm an old married matron, it won't matter what I eat,” she said as cool as could be as she set her unneeded red scarf on the edge of the pale blue settee.

He removed his grey coat and set it next to her discarded scarf. “And it did before?”

“Of course,” she murmured, running her hands down the front of the pink gown she'd borrowed from Lady Templemore.

Without meaning to, Elijah's eyes followed the path her hands made over her ample bosom, down to her slim waist, then flared out with her hips.

He cleared his throat to tell her something reassuring, but it would seem nothing worked to relieve himself of that strangled feeling. “Amelia, it wouldn't matter if you weren't married. You'” The invisible hands that were strangling him finally choked him tight enough to end his words.

Her lips formed a half-smile. “It's all right. I don't expect you to compliment me.”

He loosened his cravat, whether because he needed to in order to take it off for the night or because it seemed to suddenly be choking the life out of him, he might never truly know. She was his oldest friend. He'd complimented her many times when she'd found some clever way to best Henry at a game and even a few weeks ago he'd complimented her dancing at his sister's wedding. He cocked his head to the side. How strange. He had always complimented things she did, never actually her.


She smoothed her skirt and kept her eyes trained on whatever it was on the floor that had managed to capture her attention. “Hmm?”

“You are a very beautiful young lady.”

“Thank you.” Her cheeks turned the palest shade of pink and she kicked off her cream slippers. “Don't worry. I shan't overindulge too often.”

Elijah sighed. “I'm not worried about you gaining a few pounds, Amelia. I just wanted to tell you—” He shrugged. “Well, I already said it, so now you know.”

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USA Today Bestselling Author of ten unusually unusual historical romances that have been known to include scarred heroes, feisty heroines, marriage-producing scandals, far too much scheming, naughty literature and always a sweet happily-ever-after. When not escaping to another world via reading or writing a book, she spends her time chasing two young boys around the house, being haunted by wild animals, or sitting on the swing in the backyard where she has to use her arms as shields to deflect projectiles AKA: balls, water balloons, sticks, pinecones, and anything else one of them picks up to hurl at his brother who just happens to be hiding behind her.

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  1. Dreaming up the story would be a lot of fun at times I imagine, but you can keep the edits.


  2. Wow! What an impressive goal you set for yourself! I totally agree about your quote though, It was my motto all through school! I'd rather land in the stars than end up down here on earth! lol

    andralynn7 AT gmail DOT com

  3. I enjoyed reading your interview today. What do you do when you're hit with a lightening bolt of inspiration and you're in your shower or in your car? Do stop what you're doing to jot the idea down so it doesn't escape you later? Of course, you might not be like me...when a thought hit's me, it's gone almost as quickly as it arrived!

    Hope you enjoyed a great Mother's Day!

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  6. I love that you are such a determined writer. This story is wonderful.

  7. When I can ask questions, I always ask #2. I'm curious how writers come up with their ideas. I'm very uncreative so I find it interesting. Good for you setting so many goals. I should try that!

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