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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love Beyond the Curve by Kate Patrick...


Love Beyond the Curve
by Kate Patrick


Charlotte is shocked to find her new landlord, Reed Jackson, is tall, dark, and gorgeous.  The two become fast friends, enjoying times spent together, more than times apart. Charlotte can’t believe that Reed finds her curvaceous figure incredibly sexy.  Can Reed convince her he wants to be more than just “friends with benefits”? 

Will Charlotte and Reed find… Love Beyond the Curve?


“Do you need me to help you get out?” She took the hand that was resting on the side of the tub next to her hip.
“No, I need for you to get in here with me.  I don’t think I can stand being by myself in this huge tub any longer.  Not knowing you are on the other side of that wall, looking like a gift on Christmas morning.” He nodded toward her outfit, referring to her red dress and heels.
Charlotte threw back her head and laughed her throaty, sexy laugh that always managed to send tingles running down Reed’s spine every time he heard it.  She stood up and placed her hands on her hips and looked down at him shaking her head.
“Do you know you look like Wonder Woman every time you do that?  It’s really a sexy pose, and you do it all the time.  I love it.  Are you going to get in here with me?” He grinned up at her, looking anything but innocent.
Charlotte laughed again and placed her hands inside the pockets of her dress and decided to speak honestly with him.   “The woman in me says get in with you, but the “Big Girl” in me says run like hell if you want him to stick around a little longer.  I do want you to stick around a little longer to see where this goes.  I don’t think I’m ready for the “reveal” yet.  You just kissed me for the first time today.  A bath together in the same day is rather a quantum leap, don’t you think?”
“No, I think you should listen to the woman in you, because that is the only person I see, or have ever seen, and she’s the one I’m talking to right now.  You need to tell that “Big Girl” chick, who talks inside your head, to get the hell out of
there and not come back.  She’s not you, Charlotte.  Get in here, and I’ll show you who I see and who has been and is turning me on.  Come here to me.  I promise you I’ll make you see the light once and for all.”  He declared his opinion to her with seemingly heartfelt sincerity.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kate Patrick grew up in the South. She can’t recall a time in her life when she didn’t love to read. She remembers going to the library as a child where she devoured biographies and Nancy Drew mysteries. Her love of reading has continued into adulthood, but it is hot romance that she loves to write! While in high school and college, she and her sister began to write romantic stories about girls that met their dream guys who fell instantly in love with them. Even these early manuscripts were spicy enough that the need to “hide” these notebooks was a high priority when leaving the house!

Writing took a backseat to a teaching career, marriage, and motherhood, though books were constant companions. Love stories became a favorite, and began to take the place of mysteries more and more. About three years ago, the idea of writing was rekindled. Now, you can find her late at night typing away by the blue glow of her laptop screen.

She and her husband live on the Gulf Coast with their son and three quirky Pomeranians. When not writing or reading, Kate loves to sing, dance, and watch romantic movies, side-splitting comedies, and crime dramas. Spending time connecting with family and friends is an important priority for her as well.

Facebook:  @Kate Patrick

Twitter:  @katepatrick1

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  1. I enjoyed the excerpt, thank you.


  2. Congrqats on the new release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it. Good for Reed to try to get that "big girl" out of Charlotte's head. I love that she has curves where she should and Reed only see a beautiful woman.