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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Saturday Promo - Tricia Jones....

Nothing would have induced Grace Redman back into the arms of her ex-lover two years after ending their turbulent affair, but now she needs help--the kind only he can offer.
Nikolai Kernov won't forgive the woman who betrayed him. If she wants his help, it comes at a price--one he'll make sure she pays.
But as they battle the scars of the past, neither is prepared for the attraction that pushes them together even as it threatens to tear them apart.
Grace took another breath, refocusing her attention on the reason she was here. “Will you help me?”
With deliberate ease, he ran his fingers along his jaw. “What am I to receive in return for this help, I wonder?”
“I-I don’t have money to pay you, if that’s what you mean.”
She might have laughed at the idiocy of her response and that he would require money as payment, but a shiver ran through her with the realization of where this was heading. Knowing it, all she could do was delay the inevitable, keep things on an even keel for the remaining few seconds she had left of her pride. “I could work for you. You know my skills are excellent.”
For the first time since she’d stepped into his office, he smiled. A feral smile, displaying even white teeth. “Da. I remember your skills very well.”
Heat pushed into her face, but she brushed aside the innuendo. “You know you can trust me to be discreet with your legal concerns. I’ve got the whole of the summer break, so whatever department you put me in will be fine. I don’t mind what I do.”
“This I also remember.”
Her throat contracted painfully as she swallowed. “So, you’ll help me?”
“I have yet to decide. We are still discussing terms, I believe.”

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