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Saturday, 22 December 2012

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When her aunt dies in a strange accident, Maggie Taylor inherits more than an old house. She inherits a mystery. The day she moves into her supposedly haunted home, she surprises an intruder. Although the burglar escapes before Sheriff Logan McBride arrives, Maggie can't escape the jolt of awareness the ruggedly handsome sheriff inspires. But can she open her heart to a new love?
Logan doesn't care about ghosts. It's Wellington House's pretty new owner who catches his eye. When a knife-wielding figure attacks Maggie, he's determined to keep her safe, especially after they discover that it's not only a burglar who's interested in Wellington House. Several people are eager to purchase the storied home.
When bodies start dropping, Logan and Maggie realize just how deadly the secrets of Wellington House are. To solve the mystery, they must put their love, as well as their lives, in peril.
Maggie could hardly breathe, let alone scream as the knife above her blinked its deadly gleam. Fight! Fight! She tightened her fingers around the man’s wrist to keep the knife from plunging deep into her chest. She didn’t want to die! She had a life with Logan to live. Can’t die! Can’t die! But she couldn’t hold on. Her strength gave out, her hands slipped and the knife came down─
“Maggie…Maggie, wake up, you’re dreaming. Come on, Maggie mine, wake up!”
Maggie’s eyes shot open, her chest heaved. She turned into Logan’s arms, held on tight, and let out a shuddering breath as the last remnant of her nightmare slowly faded away.
Logan brushed away her damp hair and pressed a kiss on her forehead. “Bad dream?” She nodded against his chest.
After a moment, she said, her voice shaky, “His gloves were latex, Logan. Black latex.” She looked at him and touched her throat. “And he had on a watch. I felt the cold metal under my chin.” She shivered. “The dream brought it back. He held the knife in his left hand.”
“Anything else?”
“No.” She burrowed against him. “Except I knew I had to fight. I wasn’t ready to die.”
Logan caressed her cheek. “You’re safe now.”
She looked at him. “Make love to me, Logan.”
He searched her eyes in the predawn light. “Are you sure?” He asked huskily.
“Yes. I need you.”
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