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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Welcome Wild Child Publishing author, Jenn Nixon...

 So great to welcome you here today, Jenn! I really enjoyed chatting with you via my Facebook author page and now have the chance to get to know you even better - I have my copy of Lucky's Charm ready and waiting to be read. I'll be sure to put a rating on Amazon and/or Goodreads when I'm done!

Okay, on the with the interview...

 1)  Who is your favourite author and why?
My “Always Read” authors right now are John Sandford and Lee Child. I’ve had many others over the years but have dropped some of them because they got sloppy or their stories just seemed like recycled plots from earlier books. John Sandford & Lee Child write about characters I can’t stop thinking about. For me, the characters are the glue that hold any novel together and Lucas Davenport and Jack Reacher (NOT Tom Cruise) are amazing!

2)  When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I’ve always been a writer, honestly, since 3rd grade. I once wrote a concept piece for an Atari video game and “published” a book of poems in the 5th grade. I didn’t consider myself to be a selling writing or author until I sold a novella and romantic suspense novel to different publishers within the same week.

3)  Describe your writing space?
I write in my bedroom, near a window…usually with a dog trying to climb onto my lap. I always have some music playing in the background when I write too.

4)  What are you reading now?
I’m currently editing right now, so I don’t have much time for reading. The last book I read was Dark Running by my author friend M. Cid D’Angelo, it’s a great book filled with magic and mystery. I highly recommend it!

5)  How many books have your written?  Which is your favourite?
In total I’ve written about 16 novels all the way through with a few more that have stalled somewhere along the writing process for various reasons. It’s so hard to pick one book above all the others but Tiva Boon: Royal Guardian is one of my favorites so far. I created a whole world for Tiva and it has been a labor of love for the past 10 years.

6)  What comes first, plot or characters?
Usually for me, the character comes first. The character has a job or a certain aspect of their life that helps form the plot. I’m very character driven in all my fiction outlets be it writing, books, movies, or TV. The plot forms for me over time after I flesh out the character’s history.

7)  Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?
I do go through spells where I don’t feel like writing or get stuck in certain spots in a novel and don’t know where to go because the characters aren’t “talking” to me. I can’t really call it writer’s block because I’m always doing some sort of writing whether it’s editing, blogging, or participating in social media.

When I do hit a snag, I try to distract myself with other things like books or TV to help get the creative juices flowing again.

8)  What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
I spend way too much time watching TV! I do love spending time with friends, family and of course my doggies. I play the occasional video game, and love to go dancing or hiking when I get the chance.

9)  Tell us about your latest book?
Lucky’s Charm is my latest Romantic Suspense about a female assassin searching for the people responsible for her mother’s murder. While she tries to balance the job and her intrusive family, she meets another assassin who turns her whole life upside down.

10) What’s next for you?

I have two Sci-Fi novels coming out soon, one is Romance and one is Epic SF/F. The second book of the Lucky Trilogy is with the publisher and I’m hoping get started editing that one soon.

I’ve sold all the completed novels I have…now I need to write more!

Lucky’s Charm
by Jenn Nixon


To protect her family and find a killer, Felicia "Lucky" Fascino assumed her adoptive father's identity and joined the network of moral assassins to finish the job he began. Eliminating the man responsible for murdering her mother has consumed her for the last five years. Completing the job is the only way Lucky and her family can return to a safe and normal life. Lucky's uncle, Stephen Chambers, hasn't come close to tracking the killer. He announces he's stepping down as her handler to concentrate on the investigation and names Elizabeth, his daughter, as successor.

Keeping secrets is a family trait, and Elizabeth's addition to the business tests Lucky's ability to maintain the pretense that the job doesn't affect her despite the fact that all network hits are hardened criminals. While keeping her family at arm's length, Lucky begins to feel the weight of her career choice and reclusive lifestyle. Then a chance encounter with an enigmatic hit man during one of her jobs turns into a provocative and dangerous affair. Distracted by the secret trysts with Kenji Zinn and mounting tension within her family, Lucky starts to make mistakes that threaten her livelihood and almost claim her life. When her family is targeted, Lucky must make several rash decisions she believes can save them and preserve her own sanity.


Things get complicated for Lucky as her feelings for Kenji bubble to the surface…

“I’m not…good at this anymore.” Lucky puffed out a heavy breath and clutched the phone. “I can’t wrap my mind around it. I’ve really tried to forget you.”


“Because, I can’t want…this.”

“What do you mean?”

“Be with someone while doing what I do. Sharing my life… I haven’t for a long time. I don’t see how I can do it with—”

“Another killer?”

That stopped her cold. Lucky shut her eyes and banged her head against the wall. Not only was it the oddest conversation she’d ever have, it frightened her because he was dead on.

“Why add to the torment?” she snapped.

“Being with you was far from torture.” His reply was husky and saturated with innuendo. Lucky ignored the ripples of electricity on her skin.

“We’re not good people, Kenji. I’ve already accepted that, but I think you’ve still got blinders on.”

“No, I have a sense we are more alike than you realize. I know why you eliminated McKowen. He was a vile man.”

“Yeah… We might be the bad guys, but we’re never the villains.” Lucky softened her tone. “We’re not heroes either, just stuck in the middle somewhere.”

“This is what we do, not who we are. It does not change what happened between us. We should not ignore this.”

“I don’t know….” The contact with him did something to her, but finding the words to explain it seemed impossible. Lucky did want to see him again, though, not for all the right reasons.

“Where are you, right now?”

“Miami,” he said immediately. “Let me come to you, wherever you wish.”

“I….” The confusion twisted through her. He was determined without being forceful.

“The choice is yours. Call me after you complete your task,” he said without demand.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Jenn’s love of writing started the year she received her first diary and Nancy Drew novel. Throughout her teenage years, she kept a diary of her personal thoughts and feelings but graduated from Nancy Drew to other mystery suspense novels.

Jenn often adds a thriller and suspense element to anything she writes be it Romance, Science Fiction, or Fantasy. When not writing, she spends her time reading, observing pop culture, playing with her two dogs, and working on various charitable projects in her home state of New Jersey.

Twitter: @jennnixon

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  1. Hey Jenn! Great interview. Published in the 5th grade! awesome =)I'm looking forward to the next Lucky story!

  2. Liz & Terri Thank you for commenting!! I appreciate it!

    Thank you for hosting Rachel!


  3. I am very much looking forward to reading this one! :o)