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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author, Karyn Good...

It's wonderful to have you visit with me today, Karyn! It has been far too long since I've hosted a Wild Rose Press author and can't wait to hear more about your romantic suspense release. The sub-genre is my absolute favorite to read so I don't doubt I'll love Backlash. 

Let's get started with the questions...

Thank you so much for hosting me, Rachel. I’m so happy to be here and sharing Backlash and my journey with you.

When and why did you decide you wanted to be a published author?

Once I got past the fairy tale ideal of wanting to be a writer and realized it was going to take a whole lot of learning and hard work. I think everyone goes through peak introspective times in their lives. When, for whatever reason, you take a serious look at where you are and what you want to accomplish. This happened for me a couple of years ago. I looked ahead and knew that as far as the writing gig thing, it was now or never. It was time to either go for it or give it up. Once I decided to take my writing seriously, that meant also pursuing publication.

What is the best and worst thing you have learned from an editor/agent?

Let’s see. I think the best thing I’ve learned from having an editor is the value of a professional eye. Sorry, I have no worst thing. I’ve had one editor so far and she was very easy to work with! Backlash definitely benefited from her suggestions.

Favourite author/s?

I have a host of favorites! Gosh, where to start…Suzanne Brockmann and Tara Janzen, both romantic suspense authors. I admire their style, their way with dialogue. J.R. Ward, who’s rich characters and action scenes are fabulous. Sherry Thomas for her interesting plots and unique characters. Nora Roberts, because her stories are about real people doing extraordinary things. Laura Griffon and her Tracers series. Elisabeth Naughton…I could go on and on.

What is your typical day?

Right now there’s no such thing around here. But I write every day. That helps me stay on track and keep motivated. Although, since I’ve been focused on promoting Backlash, I haven’t worked on my actually writing as much as I would like to. Aside from writing, I’m a stay at home mom of two teenagers, one with special needs which means there’s never a dull moment around this parts.

Share your blurb or short excerpt from your latest release with us.

I’d love to. Here’s a short snippet from Backlash. Chase and Lily take a trip down memory lane.

“I remember you.” His arms tightened.
Her heart sighed, and the scent of him cast a spell. A trace of soap, a whiff of man, and a fragrance so familiar it made her think of bush parties, bonfires, cheap wine, and the back seat of an ’86 Firebird.
She remembered every little detail.
“What’s this about, Lilypad?”
That he remembered that awful nickname he’d labeled her with when they were kids was a visceral punch to the gut.
She wrinkled her nose. “I hated that name.”
“I know. I’d have been disappointed if you hadn’t.”
“Why ‘Lilypad?’”
“I don’t know. I thought of it one day when a bunch of us were catching frogs.”
“You’re such a sweet talker.”
He hadn’t moved an inch, yet he seemed closer. “You don’t want a sweet talker. Remember?” He ran a finger down the side of her cheek. “You want someone who’s going to let you know exactly what he plans to do to you. And believe me, there won’t be anything sweet about it.”

Who would you cast to play your hero and heroine in a movie?

Who to cast as Constable Chase Porter is easy – Jensen Ackles. I’ve always pictured him as Chase. He’s handsome and talented but it’s his smart-mouth, tough guy character on the TV show Supernatural that makes me think of Chase. Lily Wheeler is harder. I know what she looks like but I’ve never really come across someone fits the playbill, so to speak, until I saw Emma Stone. Her smile is Lily’s.

Did you plan this book? Or write it as it came?

I didn’t plan Backlash. I jumped in with both feet and started writing. I was so green, there was no other option. The only thing I could do was write the story down the story in my head. Now, I like to do some planning. I come up with plot points and do character sketches, that kind of thing. These days I’m the boss of my characters, not the other way around.

What surprised you the most when you became published?

That I needed to learn a whole new set of skills. Those of marketing and promotion. And how much time it takes. It’s been hard to set the writing aside to promote. I think it would be a whole different experience if I knew what I was doing. But even at this early stage I’ve learned SO much. The next time around will be easier and I’ll know what to expect and where to put my energies. 

Do you have a dedicated writing space? What it look like?

I’m blessed to have my own home office space. I love spending time in there. The walls are a lovely yellow and I’m surrounded with things that inspire me. My muse sits on my desk, a little figurine given to me by my sister, watching over me. My iPod dock is there, too. I can’t write without music playing.

What’s next for you?

I’m working on a romantic suspense novella that takes place in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. A doctor and a lawyer come to the defence of a young pregnant woman who been in hiding and goes into labor during a snowstorm on Christmas Eve.

by Karyn Good



What he’s sworn to protect, she’s willing to sacrifice to save those she loves...

When dedicated teacher Lily Wheeler interrupts a vicious gang attack on one of her students, she vows it won’t happen again. But her rash interference puts her in the path of a cold-blooded killer and the constable tracking him—a man she has little reason to trust, but can never forget.

Constable Chase Porter returned to Aspen Lake to see justice done, not renew old acquaintances. But when he rescues the woman he once loved from a volatile situation, he realizes his feelings for Lily haven’t lessened over the years.

Now, the dangerous killer Chase has sworn to capture has Lily in his sights. Can Chase and Lilly learn to trust each other again before it’s too late—or will old insecurities jeopardize their future?


“You’re being ridiculous, you know.”

Hell. On. Earth. It had to be. Where else would he find himself stuck in a confined space with someone who looked and smelled like candy coated chocolate and thought like a Rottweiler?

“And unreasonable.”

“If by unreasonable you mean right, then, yes I am.”

“Turn left here.”

“I know where to turn.”

“See what I mean.”

Someone shoot him. He knew from firsthand experience it was less painful. “So besides ‘female intuition’ do you have any other reasons why he might be hiding in the woods?”

“Not really. But it’s a small town and there aren’t that many places to hide. So, I’ve been trying to think of any abandoned buildings, that kind of thing.”

Her idea made sense, and it stung. Hell, he should have thought of it. Would have thought of it if lust and rational thinking made a compatible combination. “Okay, we’ll give it a shot.”

His old hideout in the woods was a bust. No sign of recent habitation, nothing but tall grass, wild bush, and bad memories. “Any other ideas?”

“One or two. There’s an old house, you might remember it, used to be the Danforth place. It’s close enough to town without being in town. It’s empty, has been for a while.”

“I remember it.” Without thinking he offered a smile and held out a hand to her like he had numerous times in this same spot. “Come on, let’s go check it out.”

She paused for a couple of seconds. Her thought patterns played across her face. He kept his hand out anyway. She ignored his offer and his hand. Instead, she walked past him to climb into his truck. He swiped his hand through a patch of thigh high grass. Message received.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

I grew up on a farm in the middle of Canada's breadbasket. Under the canopy of crisp blue prairie skies I read books. Lots and lots of books. Occasionally, I picked up a pen and paper or tapped out a few meagre pages of a story on a keyboard and dreamed of becoming a writer when I grew up. One day the inevitable happened and I knew without question the time was right. What to write was never the issue - romance and the gut wrenching journey towards forever.

Website and Blog:

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  1. The blurb sounds great and so does the excerpt. It would seem that there is a lot of undercurrent in the story.

  2. Hi MomJane! I hope there's a lot of conflict, both internal and external, so that it's an exciting and entertaining read.

  3. Congratulations on your new release, Karyn. I love the title! Sounds like an exciting story - my favorite kind.

    1. Thanks, Jannine! The title changed a couple of times before Backlash popped into my head!

  4. I agree, promotion does take away from our writing! For awhile, I was writing less and less as I spent so much time marketing and promoting my book. I finally made the decision to write first, promote later. It's a juggling act, especially when you add in family and everyday obligations.
    Good luck with Backlash! It sounds like a terrific read!

    1. Hi Darcy! Very good advice! The two books I have on the go right now are calling to me! I need to show them so love. And probably the best kind of promotion is another book!

  5. I never realized how involved promotion is until I started following all these blog tours! If it takes stamina to follow them, planning must be even harder. Anyway, congratulations!


    1. Hi there and thanks! Thanks to Goddess Fish Promotions for arranging tours! They're a blessing. And to hosting willing to have us! But it's all about the readers who are willing to read and support writers hocking their wares!

  6. Congratulations Karyn. Backlash sounds like a winner. I can empathize on the balancing act between promoting and writing. Who knew the hard work started after typing 'The End'? Best of luck to you.

    1. Hi Mac! And thanks! It is a juggling act and it's not easy keeping all those balls in the air but the effort is worth it. Plus, I've met some lovely people along the way :)

  7. Congratulations on the release of Backlash. It sounds great. From memory I think being tossed in the deep end to learn the new skill sets was the biggest shock when I was newly published. I remember thinking yay, I've climbed over the fence into the published paddock. Who knew there was more fences!

    1. Thanks, Shelley! It does feel like totally new territory and a bit like hurdling a fence to get here Thank goodness for the support of other writers willing to help out and give advice. It made the landing a little bit easier :D

  8. Jensen Ackles?! Yum. I love him in Supernatural. He is so smart alecky, and tough, and good looking. He is a good, bad desperate need of a mother figure like me...LOL! Only kidding!

    1. Hi Catherine and thanks for the laugh! I agree with the Yum assessment and the take on his character. Absolutely reminds me of my hero, Chase. Stops for stopping by :)

  9. I read somewhere that one author said it took more time to promote & market the book than it did to write it - almost. I love that you appreciate the 'value of a professional eye'.


    1. Hi Marybelle! Right now I'm feeling like there's a lot of truth to that statement about promoting. But I'm also having tons of fun so it's balancing out!

  10. Just popping in to say HI and sorry I missed visiting with you on party day! Enjoyed reading about your book.

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

    1. Hi Karen! Thanks for dropping in! I missed answering your question of the day :D