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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Saturday Promo - Lynne King...

A pilot who is also part of an aerobatic team, Chantelle Duvall is used to taking risks. And the enigmatic David Bishop, her partner's brother, is a risk she can't resist. But as things heat up between them, Chantelle learns David isn't who he seems.
Undercover counterterrorism agent David Bishop, a.k.a., Falcon, relies on secrets and lies to keep him alive. With his final mission underway, a mission to expose a double agent who's closer than David ever suspected, love is a weakness he can't afford. 
On both England and France's soil, Chantelle and David will discover a passion greater than they've ever known, but with one more betrayal still to come, will it be enough?


“Why you …” David grabbed Danny by the lapels of his jacket, nearly lifting him off the ground.
“Stop it, you two!” Chantelle screamed.
The two men stared back at each other, Danny’s top lip curling up at the edges as he sensed David’s hesitation. Chantelle had risen off the chair, her weight balanced awkwardly on one foot, her hand reaching forward to touch David’s shoulder. For a moment, it seemed to have calmed him, but his narrow glare remained fixed on Danny’s face.
“Go on, throw a punch,” Danny taunted. “You’re just like him; you settle everything with your fists. Only you were never around to see it, were you?
“You’d believe anything she told you.”
“I was there, remember? You weren’t.”
This was no longer about the plane or the scene Danny had walked in on. This went far deeper, the two of them locked in an emotional battle from the past. All Chantelle could do was stand back and watch, fearful that one word could trigger David into striking Danny.
Danny’s gaze shifted to Chantelle as she leaned against David for support, the gesture revealing the intimacy between them.
“You surprise me. I always thought you had class the way you brushed off men who tried to get into your knickers at every opportunity. I’ve seen them hit on you at shows and in the bars afterward, but you were never interested. It even crossed my mind you might be gay. How wrong can I bloody be? He comes along and you’re dropping your knickers like all the rest and lying to me like a bloody tramp.”
There was a deadly thud as David’s fist cracked into Danny’s chin, the force sending him reeling back, Chantelle’s scream going with him.
A deathly silence followed. The force wasn’t hard enough to knock Danny off his feet, but he was staggering, blood trickling from his lip as his hand came up to check that his jaw was still intact. Taking a white handkerchief out of his pocket, he dabbed the corner of his mouth and stared back at the blood on it.
Chantelle started hobbling towards him.
“Don’t come any nearer,” he growled hoarsely at her. “I should be thankful. I know my brother can hit much harder than that. His hands are trained to kill, isn’t that right? Or hasn’t he told you how he makes a living? Mercenaries, isn’t that what they call you lot? Only I have my own name for them: hired killers. I can see by your face you had no idea.”

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