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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Welcome fellow Wild Rose Press author, Doris Lemcke!

Welcome, Doris! I am so happy to have you here today. I have to say how gorgeous your latest cover is, you must be thrilled, it's beautiful. I don't think we've chatted before today so I am very happy to meet you and learn more about your work.

Let's get started with the interview!

1.     When and why did you decide you wanted to be a published author?
I started writing a VERY long time ago,(in the ‘70’s, while working, going to school and raising a family) and always had the hope-dream-intent to be published.  Inspired by the many wonderful romance and historical writers I’d read for most of my life, I wrote for the joy of putting down the story in my head.  Then I realized I’d like people to actually read the story.  That’s when I had to settle down and learn the craft of writing.  It’s an education that never ends.

2.     What is the best and worst thing you have learned from an editor/agent?
“The truth can hurt” is the best and worst thing I’ve learned from both being represented by an agent and submitting to them.  As writers in love with our characters, stories and the very words that seem to come from our souls, an agent can give us a reality check before an editor gives us a rejection.  The right agent can serve as editor, teacher, business advisor and mentor.  A few years ago I submitted the “book of my heart” to an agent who actually had the decency to call me and tell me I was a very good writer and it was a very good story—but before it could sell, I had A LOT of work to do on it.  Then she told exactly what was wrong. While her advice hurt, I could suddenly see that she was right in many, many ways.  I stopped sulking about the rejections I’d already received and went back to the computer, determined to make it better.  I’m about to resubmit to her with a big “Thank you” attached to my query.

3.     Favorite Authors
Margaret Mitchell started it off in her immortal, “Gone with the Wind”.  Kathleen Woodiwiss and other pioneers of the Historical Romance genre kept me hooked, along with old movie adaptations of wonderful romances that sent me to the books.  No matter what the period, I’m drawn to authors who put me in their characters’ world, and make me remember them for years. 

4.     What is your typical day
It’s hectic, but manageable.  While I have a very demanding “day job” as a Human Resources Executive, I also have a wonderful husband who is retired and takes care of everything at home.  So when I get home at night, I don’t have to cook.  And on the weekends, I don’t have to clean (except my own laundry). I try very hard to work on my writing for an hour or two at night and perhaps one day of the weekend.  But even if I don’t get down writing something, the Story is in my head all the time, telling itself to me on my commute, in an odd moment of the day, or during a rare lunch hour.  I never let it go.

5.     Share your blurb or short excerpt from your latest release with us.
I’ve been fortunate to have The Wildrose Press publish two of my books in the last six months as part of the Passion’s Legacy Series.  The most recent book, Passion’s Secret, which was released April 20th is the first in chronological order and introduces the family secret that haunts the Langesford/O’Grady family for generations—I hope.  Following is a brief summary of the series:

Follow the lives, loves—and haunting secrets of four generations of one of Georgia’s founding families. From the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans, to New Mexico’s sacred Taos Pueblos, and to the jungles of Cuba, this amazing family takes life and love to the limit and never looks back.

Passion’s Secret  4/20/12 – Blurb:

1866 -
Haunted by the sins of their fathers...Searching for the treasure of a lifetime.

She’d never give in
Camilla Langesford has no intention of letting her ailing father’s new Yankee partner steal their plantation.  But Patrick O’Grady isn’t like other carpetbaggers. While claiming to be a soft, Northern businessman, his powerful body, brooding Irish Temper, and pewter-gray eyes speak of a shadowed past.  And his soul-searing kisses melt her frozen heart—until a deadly secret shatters it. 

He’d never give up
Langesford Plantation is the former Pinkerton agent’s last chance to solve a mystery that’s haunted him for four years.   But he didn’t plan on the chestnut-haired virgin with smoldering green eyes and a fiery temper, who dogs his every step.   And after a secret tryst in a hot-spring grotto, he discovers a treasure worth more than a cache of gold bars—until one night changes everything. 

Together is their only hope for survival

Passion’s Secret – Excerpt:
Patrick talked to her from the other end of the pool as he bathed, his deep voice young and carefree. “I've heard of hot spring pools, but never thought I’d enjoy one in private with a beautiful woman washing my clothes,” he chuckled.
“Just your shirt, Mr. O’Grady, and this is an emergency situation.” But Camilla couldn't forget the sight of his bare chest, the corded muscles defining his strong arms, or his soft voice when he’d called her beautiful. Suddenly, she ached to reach out to something, or someone. But certainly not a Yankee! She shouldn’t have
brought him to her secret haven where she could lay on the fresh grass and dream of faraway places.
Now, the position of the sun told her it was well past luncheon. “You better hurry,” she called. “Or we'll be late and my honor will be severely compromised.”
“We wouldn't want to do that, would we, Camilla?” warmed her ear, and her neck tingled from the caress of his breath.
 She turned to meet his smoldering gray gaze and wide smile. A heartbeat later, she was in his arms, her palms resting against the still-damp, curling hairs on his chest. Her heartbeat quickened at the feel of his warm,
moist skin against her fingers, his strong thighs pressing against hers through the thin, cotton dress. And when he kissed her, his lips suckled hers, top lip first, then the bottom, while his tongue tickled them into a smile.
She knew she should stop him, but the heat that spread though her body wouldn’t be denied. She’d
never felt anything so...right. With her eyes closed, the curves of her body molding against the sharp angles of his, her hands slid up the rugged landscape of his chest and her arms wrapped around his broad, sinewy shoulders. Then her lips parted to taste him.

6.     Who would you cast to play your hero and heroine in a movie. 
This is a dream most writer’s dream about and the rest don’t admit, but I have to say the question sent me to the internet.  It’s important to me for them to have the right physical characteristics, and the eyes are SO important.  Chris Pine, from the new “Star Trek” and “Princess Diaries” seems to have that glint in his gaze, and enough Welsh blood to pull off the moody, secretive, half-Irish Patrick.  Of course, he’d have to audition.

Anna Paquin from “The Piano” could work with auburn hair. Camilla is young, but mature for her age and has a lot of anger as well as pent-up passion and courage.  I think Anna could work.  My second choice is Emma Stone from “The Help”.  What a wonderful search to consider.  Thanks for asking.

7.     Did you plan to write this book? Or write it as it came?
Yes, to both questions.  I LOVE historical novels, the post-Civil War era and the era of Western Expansion.  But what inspired me to write this story was a tattered old book I found in a trunk of unclaimed freight my Grandfather bought in the 1930’s. This first-person account of love and devotion that survived unspeakable trials and tribulations was written in 1837, and I knew I had to build something around it.  I also love secrets and the “sins of the fathers” theme.  That was all I had, a smelly old book, a time period, and a theme.  Then I wrote it as it came.  What a wonderful experience!

8.     What surprised you the most when you became published?
After the excitement that someone actually liked my work enough to actually go to the expense of publishing it, I felt FEAR:  The fear of not being able to do it again.  That people wouldn’t like it.  That no one would buy it.  It was a fluke, I was a hack.  Then came the challenge of both marketing AND doing it again. After spending years focused on the craft of writing, and even with an advanced degree in business and working for one of the largest book distributors in the country, I was not as prepared as I should have been for the business of selling books.  Now I’m finding it’s almost as much fun as writing them. 

9.     Do you have a dedicated writing space?  What does it look like?
I sit at a desk all day at work, so when I write I like to be mobile.  I also live in sunny, SW Florida and can write indoors or on my lanai facing the lake.  And then again, there’s always the comfy couch.  I move around as the mood and climate dictates for my draft writing, but when I need to focus on editing and polishing it up, I need a less distracting environment.  For that, I’ve reserved a small, “spare” bedroom space with my favorite pictures on the walls, my books, good light and a comfortable chair.

10.  What’s next for you?
The Langeford/O’Grady family won’t let me go.  I’m currently working on book three, Passion’s Promise, set during the Spanish American War in 1898.  I also keep seeing the next generations of this amazingly brave and loyal family doing and contributing extraordinary things into the 20th Century.  Like most writers, the stories just keep coming, and I hope they never stop.

Author photo and contact information:

Facebook: Doris Lemcke Author
LinkedIn: Doris Lemcke

Passion’s Spirit – 10/3/11

 1892 -Hearts, Worlds Apart --Passion, vengeance and greed set half-Apache orphan, Elena Santiago, and Sean O’Grady, the restless heir to Georgia’s Langesford Plantation, on a deadly race to find a lost cache of gold bars hidden in the sacred Taos Pueblos. 
Two lost souls from different worlds fighting a passion forbidden by race, culture and social status; they must learn to trust, as well as love each other, if they expect to survive. 

Passion’s Spirit Excerpt

When Sean pulled away, Elena looked into his eyes wondering, is this what love feels like, or is it only lust? She decided that nothing as beautiful as the moment they’d just shared could be evil. But it could never be love, either. She had felt his passion press against her and ached for him to fill her. Now she was grateful he hadn’t. 

They were from different worlds still at war with each other. He could never survive in her world and she refused to live in his.

As if he read her thoughts, he leaned into her, whispering so close to her ear that it could have been a kiss, “Why can’t you be Mary Louise? And I the Apache brave who will eventually claim you?” Then he turned to stare at the stream patiently following the course nature had carved out for it.

The question echoed in Elena’s mind. For a moment, his heart had beat to the rhythm of hers. The curves of her body had melted into the angles of his as they breathed the same breath and tasted each other’s souls. For a moment, they had truly been one body and one soul.

Now separated, the chilly breeze that stirred the pine needles at their feet told her that when she was with him, even angry, she was whole. And though he changed his moods faster than the mountain gods and was promised to marry a weak and silly white woman, part of her would always belong to this loco Gringo.

She also turned her gaze toward the river. “We can only be who we are.”

Thank you so much for being here, Doris and showing me such patience with all my needless emails to you regarding photos and suchlike, lol! Okay, over to you guys for questions and comments... 

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