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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday Promo - M. Casigh...

Awakenings:  Cozumel, Mexico,  by Mark Casigh

Mysti didn't have a clue what her life had been missing when an escape to Mexico took her to Cozumel. She learned things about herself that amazed her. She learned to do things with her body and have things done to her body that she had never known existed and that caused her such unimaginable, piercing pleasure. Her sexuality and sensuality are truly set free.

Editorial Reviews

They should've printed this book on asbestos pages!  This book is so HOT, it's hard to hold on to!  Man!  The scenes are so vividly portrayed here, it makes the reader feels as though they are in the room with the characters!  Phenominal Writing!

From the Author
This is a story of a Middle Aged Divorce` and her awakening after a lifetime's sexual slumber and the whole new world of life that she finds open to her.  Laid out, spread out before life a buffet, for her tasting, her sampling, her choosing, her consumption.  Follow Misty through her development in my new series.

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  1. Rachel:
    I love what you've done with the place! It looks GREAT! By the way, Thank you for the Promo!

    Mark Casigh