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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy 2012!!!!!!!!

Well, it's here. The Christmas festivities are a thing of the past, we've rang in the New Year and now the new and best intentions we've ever had begin today.

How are you feeling? (And I don't mean your banging head from too much wine and cocktails last night) Are you ready to face the New Year with enthusiasm and personal belief? Written out at least three new goals to reach, one of which is bigger than you ever dreamed for yourself?

I truly believe after much soul-searching and reading The New Earth (please, please, please read this book in 2012) by Eckhart Tolle in 2011, anything if possible if we want it enough. Positive thinking and living is key!

Sooo, what are my top three goes!

1) To write two full-length novels and two novellas
2) To have one of the two novels currently with my agent picked up by a top New York house (Dream big, remember!!)
3) To learn something new - I have yet to decide whether this will be a history or English literature diploma or a new craft. Whichever it may be, something new will be learned.

Okay, my top three, what are yours? - I'd love to hear them! In the meantime, I want to thank all you lovely visitors and readers for making 2011 such a fantastic year for me, both personally and professionally. I am still reeling from all your lovely messages after my daughter's accident as I am all the other wonderful things you've done for me this year. You're fabulous!!

Happy New Year!!

Rachel xx

PS: The Wild Rose Press have reduced the cost of all my books right here...just saying ;)


  1. Happy New Year to you, Rachel. Those are good goals. I didn't make specific ones, but nearly a year into my retirement (from the day job), I'm sticking with Have A Good Time as my mantra.

  2. Happy New Year, Rachel! Very ambitious goals! I don't make specific resolutions or goals either. I have hopes of course. I hope I'll be able to write three books this year (this I can achieve easily). I'd like both books Dawn has to find good homes, and I'd like one of them to go to a big house. And I want my family to stay healthy. But mostly, I just intend to take life as it comes. I'll keep writing, keep pursuing publication, and see where God decides to take me. :)

  3. First off, Happy New Year, Rachel. Have a healthy, marvelous year. My goals? I'm doing edits/tract changes with Dawn on Book Two of a trilogy. Book Three looms ahead like a dark, swirling mass of unknowns--also known as the "pantzer zone." I want to finish it by the end of May. I want to write a couple novellas. And I want to organize my closets--you would not believe how bad they are. But mostly, I want to enjoy my time with Calvin.

  4. All fantastic goals to me! There's a definite pattern here :)

    I wish each all of you the best year ever!

    Just finished chap 3 of your book, Vonnie - loving it :) x

    R x

  5. Happy 2012, all! My writing goals are pretty similar to yours, Rachel, though you're much more ambitious than I! I WILL sell the novel I just finished (aka 'Craving Kristin'). I WILL finish my 95% completed novel, aka 'The Vegas Affair.' and get it submitted and sold. I WILL start and finish the novel that I've been loosely outlining for a couple of months. I will write one short story a month and submit it to Woman's World magazine and get past the one-hit-wonder title. I WILL take at least one workship on writing. I WILL read more -- novels and nonfiction. WHEW! I better get started! Best of luck to you all! Sophia Ryan

  6. Happy New Year, Rachel! Great goals. Mine are to finish and send out the next historical, find an agent for my compeleted mainstream novel and send out another children's novel. That's only my top 3 as I've lots of other projects to finish and send out too! All the best for 2012.

  7. My goals are (1) to be more active on the loops, which includes reading/commenting on more blogs (2) promote the heck out of my two new books coming out in 2012 (The Face on Miss Fanny's Wall--Champagne Books and Dancing with Velvet--TWRP) and (3) launch my 6-book cozy mystery series online as an indy author.

    You have some great goals--best of luck--and good for you dreaming big!

  8. Rachel,
    I think those are fabulous goals, and yes I think you should dream big!
    Good luck reaching these goals. Personally, I want to read more this year. I get so caught up in spending every spare minute writing, learning about writing, and promoting, that I don't make time to read.
    Read more and write more. Simple goals. LOL. Happy 2012. :)

  9. Wow--very impressive goals. And why not dream big. I'll bet at one point writing a book was just a dream for you--and now look! Happy New Year!

    Bernadette Walsh

  10. Happy 2012 Rachel! For me, it would be to finish one of my stories and submit it. I was rejected last year on a short for an antho but the one I'm working on now is much longer.

    I would love to be able to quit my job and stay home. Yes, this city girl has decided that being a stay at home mom in the country would be the best thing for her family. Unfortunately, can't do that right now. :(

    I hope that you had a great Christmas and a happy new year.


  11. Such fantastic enthusiasm from you guys, I LOVE it!! We will do it all and more, just you wait and see. Just reading your post fills me with energy. Writers who work outside the home, writers who work inside the home - we're all there and we're all taking the steps forward to succeed.

    I'll raise a glass to that!! :)

    Happy New Year, my lovelies!

    Rachel x

  12. My three writing goals are to finish a novel I started in Nov and to write two more.

    Writing two novels a year is what I can do. :) I also dream big. I was almost picked up by a top publisher in Au, but it didn't happen. As in Oz my story was a cross between a romance and thriller and they didn't know how to market it. Perhaps this year will shed some light on that novel somewhere in the world. lol.. :)

    Oh and Rachel...another goal is to find out all about the 6th of January. lol... :)