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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Welcome Aurora Regency writer, Emma Lane!

So lovely to meet you, Emma! I am excited to have you here today because I have heard so many good things about Musa Publishing, both their Regency lines and contemporary. I heard several authors mention them at the UK annual Romantic Novelists Association conference this summer but I must admit, I have not researched further as yet. I would love to learn more about them and your experience writing for them! Okay, over to you...

The Creation of Characters

Plot and character are the backbones of a story. Writers know when the muse hits with a solid POW, it’s either one or the other which ‘pops’ into our heads. Sometimes it’s both and a synergy is created, a whole ‘nother thing. The plot needs an exciting character, so the author might think of a hunky alpha male. That’s only part of it. Still building, the author chooses a hunky body with an alpha personality, but the mind of say--a geek. This alpha male with the mind of a geek needs an exciting plot…you know the routine.

Since becoming a published author some of my acquaintances look at me in a different way. Sort of sideways, you know. One smart-mouthed lady I know completely changed personalities in my presence. She confessed she was afraid I would describe her badly in a story. She was correct-sort of. If I were looking for a shrew, she might come to mind, but not exactly her, her personality type. The truth is that no real person ever makes it into my fiction. I might use a wicked comment from one shrewish lady and the figure of another. Bits and pieces coming together to form another whole, a totally fictitious character at the end.

I have a childhood friend who begged me to put her in one of my stories. So I did. I named one of my characters after her. But there the similarity ended. My characters are fiction. Period. It tells you that right in the beginning. These are stories, not real life.

Why and how the muse picks one person to build a character, write a story line and not another, I do not know. Anymore than I can figure out why someone chooses to become a dentist. God-given talent must be in there somewhere. For me, the creation of a new character is about as much fun as it gets. Everything else after that is hard work.

My three sisters, Frances, Melanie, and Belinda were fun to create. ‘THE VICAR’S DAUGHTERS 3 is a series set in the 1800’s during the Napoleon War with England. The genre is called Regency Romance because it was a time (1811-1820) when a son was elevated to the throne before his father, King George, died. He was an ill man incapable of ruling.

It was a time of severe social restrictions for young women. However if they were lively, which my characters where, they soon found ways to live their lives logically without being socially ostracized. I enjoyed writing about them; I hope you will enjoy reading their stories. They are quite three of my favorite fictional characters. Their stories may be found @ Aurora Regency-- MUSA PUBLISHING and other popular download sites.


Can a Regency maiden choose the Lord of her dreams and still manage to work in a scandalous career or will she

lose everything in the attempt to have it all?

He leaned against the wall exceedingly diverted by this gorgeous, gray-eyed maiden who was managing, in spite of her situation, to maintain her sangfroid. He had spotted those bare, pink toes peeking from underneath her skirt and gave a soft laugh, finding himself amused at her predicament and wondering when her chaperone would be showing up, as her cultured voice had informed him of her social standing. Knowing his duty as a gentleman, he stood ready to help her out if it appeared she might face a scandal from this unfortunate incident. Meanwhile he meant to enjoy this unexpected comedic-drama as it played out before him. It was better than a Shakespearean play. He glanced down at the youngster playing the part of the villain still asleep on the floor. Silly young cub.

She could not be left for long standing out in the hall with her hair falling like corn silk down her back. There were several more young gentlemen with much too much celebration inside them to mind their manners when temptation this lovely was at hand. His own fingers twitched to touch that glorious mane to find out if it could possibly be as soft as it looked.

He did not think he had ever seen hair quite that shade of blonde. Was it the color of bubbling champagne? No, maybe more wheat than that, he mused as he stood with arms crossed propped against the wall watching Melanie try the door once more. Silky wheat, he thought, nodding his head with conviction and laughed at the thought that wheat could ever be the texture of silk. His knuckles whitened as he fought a sudden urge to plunge his fingers into that silken waterfall and tumble the lady into his waiting arms.

Great excerpt, Emma - I wish you loads of sales! Emma would love to hear from my visitors. Comments?


  1. Thanks, Rachel. YOu have a snappy blogspot. I appreciate the opportunity to chat about my books and character. Thanks again. You've been a gracious hostess.
    Emma Lane

  2. Wow! These Musa authors are everywhere you turn. Someone is doing a bang-up job in the marketing and promotional department. And I'm happy to see that it's not all bark and no bite, so to speak. The quality is there in every product I've investigated, so it's not a quantity over quality approach. It's all good.

    I'm expecting to see a lot more from this author and this new publisher.