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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Welcome Eternal Press author, Suzanne Brandyn!

Today I have Suzanne visiting all the way from Australia - it is so fabulous to have you here! I love that you set your books in Australia and keep faithful to where you come from. As I write for a US audience, people often ask me why I don't set my books there. I am Brit, who has only ever lived in England - how could I authentically write about the US? Do you feel the same way?

Thank you for having me Rachel. J

I was born on in rural Australia, on the edge of the outback. My memories are clear and dear. My grandmother was a skilled equestrian, and knew how to raise that stock whip and give it the loudest crack I ever heard. She taught me many things before I left to travel to our cities and coastal towns. I now reside on the Mid-North coast of New South Wales, on the East coast of Australia.

I base my stories in areas I know well. Delving into the grand outback, to small country towns and our cities. So I have plenty to use for description and settings in each of my novels. I also hold a vivid imagination, which does help. J

My novel ‘Heat in the Outback’ is a contemporary romance with suspenseful elements, and I have recently signed contracts for ‘Forgotten Memories,’ and ‘Eyes of a Stranger.’ Release dates are ‘Forgotten Memories’ March 2012 and ‘Eyes of a Stranger’ May 2012.

‘Forgotten Memories’ a romantic suspense is set from Port Macquarie on the coast to the rugged outback and the Warrumbungle ranges of New South Wales, and ‘Eyes of a Stranger’ a contemporary romance with suspenseful elements, is set in Newcastle, to Port Macquarie New South Wales.

Both of these novels have aircrafts scenes. I fly often with my husband who is a private pilot. The experiences the heroine has in ‘Eyes of a Stranger’ was closely related to my own experiences when I went flying in a small aircraft for the first time. I pretended everything was fine but my heart had dropped to my stomach for the better part of the flight. J

The turbulence over the mountains is somewhat different from experiencing turbulence in a large aircraft. A small Piper Warrior can bounce around quite a bit, and when you’re not use to it, well It really puts a person on edge. It did me. Lol. But like all things, if you do it enough you become use to it. Although being tossed about like a small origami aircraft isn’t exactly what I call fun. J

You can find out more about me at: and keep up with my latest releases and trailers.

‘Heat in the Outback’ can be purchased from most online sites in print and digital and at Eternal Press.

Here are some photographs of the area where ‘Heat in the Outback’ is set. It shows how dry the area around Myall Creek can be, and Munro Station, the property Sarah inherited from her deceased father.

Fabulous pics, Suzanne! Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing a bit of your inspiration with us. The stories sound great and I LOVE romantic suspense. Okay, let's open it up for questions and comments!


  1. Congratulations on your success Suz and I love the Munro Station pic. My husband would love to live on a property.

  2. Hi Kerri
    Thank you for stopping by. It is a beautiful property isn't it? I'd love to live back on a property but much closer to the ocean. lol.. Can't help loving both worlds. :)

    Suzanne :)

    6 October 2011 02:47

  3. Hi Suzanne
    Love the pics and great post. I can't wait to read your next novels. I loved Heat in the Outback. You're firing girl.
    Taryna. x

  4. Hi Tarnya

    Thank you. It's always nice to hear from a reader. If you loved Heat in the Outback, you will extra love my next one. :) :)

  5. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for having me today. It's nice to spread the word about Australia and it's writers.

    We are a friendly bunch. :)

    Ta. Suzanne :)