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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Blog Tour Countdown - and the Grand Prize!

From this Saturday, I have decided to start posting my following weekly appearances each weekend so you guys can check back to see where and what I am up to for the next seven days. Good idea? Hope so ;)

As the Paying The Piper blog tour starts Sept 10th (book released Sept 19th), I only have one appearance this Friday as an extra. After that I have a whopping triple whammy next Saturday to kick off my month long tour! Be sure to keep me from getting lonely ;)


I will be keeping a note of the names that comment on each of my tour appearances (these will be marked for you each Saturday), and at the end of the tour, the person who has commented the most will receive a download of each of my first five novels. Yes, all five, people! Of course, you'll have to buy Piper to complete the Rachel Brimble set ;)

Friday 9th

Silver James blog

Saturday 10th -

Christina Hollis' blog (Piper Tour)

Seriously Reviewed blog (Piper Tour)

Indie Books Blog (Piper Tour)

Phew! Okay, it's over to you...

Rachel x


  1. Hi Rachel, your books seem like the perfect way to curl up and read on an autumn night.

  2. Wow busy lady! Have fun and I'll try to make it!

  3. Great idea, Rachel. Congrats on your upcoming release and tour. I'll definitely try to 'catch up with you' at the various places!

  4. Almost like a proper road trip. LOL Enjoy the tour! :-)

  5. Wow, I thought I was the only crazy one with a month long blog tour planned! :-) I'll check in with you when I can and look forward to visiting with you October 4th!

  6. Thanks for your support, ladies! Hope to see you all there - I have to admit, it is pretty exhausting writing so many posts and completing so many interviews but we are going to have fun, fun, fun!!

    Rachel x

  7. All the best with your blog tour, Rachel! Will try to follow when possible.