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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wondering where I am??

As you can see from my guest bloggers list on the right hand side, I am away on holiday this week, yay! My family and I are in a log cabin that we have been to every August for the last three years. We love it here, mainly because of the peace and quiet and HUGE open spaces.

So far the weather hasn't been great apart from yesterday when we managed a day on the beach - even if the kids were in wetsuits and the windbreak had its work cut out, lol!! But the weather never seems to stop us having a good time. What we spend most of the time doing is walking...for miles and miles!

With daughters the age of twelve and ten, every year I wait for the "I'm not doing that!" or the "I'll stay in the cabin, you go!" but touch wood, we have yet to have any of these protests and they happily join us wherever we walk.

This is proper family time, ending with a barbecue or meal at the small country pub just up the road which welcomes dogs - yay, for my black lab Max! And after that? It's back in the lodge for a far too competitive few games of cards or snuggling down to watch a DVD.

All in all, happy days! See you next week xx


  1. Oooh, that looks lovely. Who cares if it's a bit chilly with views like that!

    Have a fun holidays!

  2. Gorgeous landscape views! Enjoy your vacation!

  3. Gorgeous and haunting. So beautiful. I know your daughters will remember these holidays for the rest of their lives. My daughter has a black lab named Max, too!

    Enjoy your respite, and I'm sure you're getting inspiration for your next book with every single breath in Wales.

  4. Looks like a wonderful place to unwind. Enjoy!

  5. Perfect holiday - enjoy your rest!

  6. So serene. Have a wonderful vaction with your family in this perfect place.

  7. Beautiful pics/countryside. It's 104 in NC. But today was the first day of an August cold snap. Temps plummeted to 96 degrees Fahrenheit. We also go on vacation in the summer instead of holiday in NC. Going on holiday means visiting family we may or may not like at Christmas and/or Thanksgiving! lol!
    Have a lovely time and post more pics soon! They are gorgeous.

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by, ladies! Peaceful + serene are the perfect words to describe it here, I love it.

    R xx