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Monday, 6 June 2011

Welcome fellow Eternal Press author, Kerri Williams!

So good to be able to welcome a visitor from all the way across the globe in Australia. My eldest daughter's best friend emigrated to your shores about a year ago, Kerri and she misses her terribly but her friend tells her she could not be happier. Apparently the people, the city and the food are all twenty times better than here in the UK, lol! What can I say to that??

Looking forward to reading your blog and really hope you enjoy your visit with me!

Thanks for having me here today Rachel, it’s a true pleasure.

Today I thought I might share what it is that has my fingers flying across the keys like a humming bird on crack.

In the land of OZ we are in the midst of the 50K in 30Day Challenge. Many writers from here and across the globe are contributing and letting their creative juices flow in attempt to meet their goal for the end of the month.

Now I’m sharing this because my first novel TAKING BACK HIS WIDOW was written a couple of years ago during this challenge and then my upcoming novel NUDGING CUPID was plotted in the consecutive year also during this challenge.

That being said just goes to show how motivating this challenge truly is.

I described it on my blog as being similar to weight watches because who the heck wants to get up in front of everyone, weigh in and have the proof that you have been a very naughty girl- the challenge is much the same as at the end of the week you submit your numbers and it’s public. If you have been a little naughty or a lot- it will show. But like weight watches there is no judgement because we are all in the same boat and know all the contributions to those naughty moments. How cool is that?

Anyway since this blog entry doesn’t count toward my numbers I thought I might share an excerpt from TAKING BACK HIS WIDOW. I would give you something from the upcoming novel but it’s going through edits- you know what that’s like right.

Happy writing and reading


Taking Back His Widow Excerpt.

She tried to say his name.

The words were there—Dean Stone. Only her throat restricted the


“I knew it was you,” he said.

She wasn’t sure, but she thought she heard a hint of triumph or

possibly accusation in his tone.

“It’s been a long time, Livinia.”

“Dean.” It came out in a whisper and more like a question than

a statement. After all this time, why is he here?

There was something tugging at her mind, something important

she knew she should be more worried about than anything

else, but her mind wouldn’t cooperate.

Before she could decipher what was so important, Dean’s voice

invaded the fog.

“Is that all you have to say to me?”

The dark, challenging look in his eyes made the blood simmer

within her veins. Even in the dim light of the station’s security

lights, she found herself glued to his vivid brown eyes.

Once upon a time, she would have bathed in their brilliant

depths with love and passion, lured like a deer to headlights.

Now, sadly and dangerously, was no different

Great excerpt, Kerri and good luck with the writing challenge! As busy as Kerri is, I'm sure she'd love to hear from you, lovely readers!


  1. Hey fellow 50ker snd romance buddy, so good to hear of your success from these challenges, and may this June be just as successful for you, Kerri.

  2. Thanks Di.
    It's an intense month but fun to do with so many people.

  3. Hi Kerri.

    Just loved 'Taking Back His Widow' and I know the next one will be just as good. Keep up the good work. All the best,

    Suzanne :)

  4. Oh My Gosh, it is so nice to hear that someone enjoys my work.
    It's better then pick of the month on the romance reviews.

  5. Hey Kerri, another great blog. You're great - now get back to 50ks in 30 days - you naughty, naughty girl :)

  6. lmao. oooh and i feel so naughty when you say that.
    crack that whip!

  7. Hi Kerri,
    I agree about the importance of fessing up to your wordcount publicly - it makes me knuckle down and write... and the experience is addictive.

    Sarah Brabazon fellow 50/30er

  8. I know. I'm like a rollercoaster, start of fast with enthusiasm and then I dwindle off in the middle of the week when all of a sudden the time has gotten away and I have to be speedy Gonzales again. Lol

  9. Hi kerri
    Good luck with all your books.

  10. Thanks Margaret. It's good to see you here.

  11. Congratulations, Kerri! You give us fellow writers motivation, to be naughty!

    Chemical Fusion

  12. Look out Enid, Jen will crack the whip on you. Lol