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Monday, 30 May 2011

My first Class Act Books author, Tony-Paul de Vissage!

Welcome to my site, Tony-Paul, it's great to have you here. I know very little about Class Act Books so maybe you could share a bit about your publisher as well as your book?

In the meantime, I can't wait to read your post!

Will the Real Vampire Please stand up?

It’s the year 1929…two decades into the Twentieth Century, with its automobiles, flappers, moving pictures…and the German film Nosferatu bringing to the world the first screen representation of Bram Stoker’s vampirish count.

In the little Irish town of Balleywalegh, the villagers don’t need to go to the cinema to learn about vampires. They have firsthand knowledge, for one hundred years before, they had their own vampire, a dearg-due (pronounced drag-dul). His name was Karel Novotny and he was a Hungarian, winning the local manor house from its gambler owner. Within a short time, the local lasses were coming down with undiagnosable maladies filled with weird dreams of a naked winged man who gained entrance to their bedchambers and covered their throats with kisses before drinking their blood. Well, the good men of Balleywalegh knew what was up with that…Novotny was a dearg-due, and the only way to stop him was with a stake and a garlic necklace.

They didn’t destroy the vampire; he escaped, leaving behind a curse and a promise…that he’d one day return to pay them back for driving him out.

So now, it’s one hundred years later, and one night—just as in those creepy silent flicks--a light appears in a window of the abandoned manor house…

…the vampire’s back! (Cue sinister music: DA-DUM!)

Or is he?

The new owner’s too young to be Karel Novotny, but they do share the same name. The lad’s handsome as a movie idol, is a great dancer—you should see him do the Charleston!—and owns a snappy American roadster, And, as the previous owner had done, he’s entranced Balleywalegh’s lasses, especially Seamus Flannery’s daughter Brigid. In fact, he’s begun squiring Brigid around in his Stutz Bearcat. And then Brigid falls ill…as do several other young ladies…and their fathers begin to sharpen their stakes.

Seamus doesn’t believe in vampires so he decides he’d better get to the truth fast, before young Karel finds himself skewered and out of the running to be his son-in-law… Mr. Flannery does some delving into the Town Hall’s Archives and gets to the bottom of the mystery, and now he’s ready to ask the question:

Will the real vampire please stand up?

Vampires are Forever is available from Class Act Books. It’s my second vampire novel, and I invite every one to take a look. It’s whimsical and romantic and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Sounds like great fun too, Tony-Paul! Your humour is coming across just through this short post so I bet the book is great, lol!

Waiting for your comments, lovely people...

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  1. Toni, this sounds wonderful. What a great premise for a book! You have such a fantastic imagination!!!