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Saturday, 30 April 2011

The Romantic Suspense Tour continues - Leanne Dyck

The Romantic Supsense tour continued with my guest, Leanne Dyck - welcome, Leanne! This tour has been a great success and is still going on so make sure you follow us around. I am appearing on Chris Redding's blog sometime this week so please pop by to keep me company - here's the link:

Ok, over to you Leanne!

In The Sweater Curse, a chance meeting between lead character Gwen Bjarnson and minor character Pathan weaves their lives together. For reasons beyond Gwen’s understanding, she feels compelled to help Pathan establish her career as a vocalist.

In this quote, Gwen describes Pathan’s first stage performance:

‘It was Friday night, The Starving Artist was packed-typical for open mic night. …

I think I was more nervous than she was. Be good, be good, I silently repeated.

The café was filled with polite applause.

“I’d like to dedicate my first song to my friend, Gwen.” She sang, “Stand By Me”, and you could have heard needles click. Each performer was to do two songs each, but the audience wouldn’t let Pathan leave until she offered them three.”

(John Lennon singing Stand By Me)

Here Gwen describes Pathan’s singing at a funeral:

‘Pathan begins to sing “Into The Mystic”. Tears threaten her voice. … She struggles for control and wins. Her song fills the room, wraps around the mourners, comforting them…

Pathan…begins to sing “I Will Remember You”. She begins quietly, but with each verse, the volume increases. Other voices marry with hers.’

Into the Mystic

(Jen Chapin singing Into the Mystic)

I Will Remember You

(Sarah McLachlan singing I Will Remember You)

Writing songs into my story was fun, and I won’t hesitate to do it again.




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"Stitch by colorful stitch, Leanne Dyck knits a tale of intrigue with The Sweater Curse

Laurie Buchanan

Leanne Dyck has crafted a tale as exotic and existential as Danish author Isak Dinesen's... This book defies genre definitions as it finds its unique place on the fiction shelves. Here's hoping Leanne Dyck returns many times to the intriguing roots of her family's past.

Mystery author Lou Allin

Go out and pick this one up, you'll find yourself immersed as well

Deborah Warner, reviewer for By the Book

Leanne would love to hear from you! Any questions? Comments?

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