Saturday, 15 January 2011

Welcome my first guest of the Romantic Suspense Blog Tour - Chris Redding!

Helloooo, readers!!

I am pleased to introduced my first guest who is touring with me and fifteen other authors as part of a big Romantic Suspense Tour. Please support us by following the tour around as we visit each other's sites. I won't be interviewed on Chris' blog until May but I'll be sure to remind you. In the meantime, let's find out a bit more about Chris' writing life!

1) Where do you write?

Mostly in my front room. I have a laptop and wireless. I like tunes when I am writing so when other people are home I used ear buds and listen to Pandora radio.

2) What is the best & worst part about the writing process for you?

The first draft. It’s like falling in love. I am excited and full of energy. Way more patient with my kids. All of those things that we are when we are in love.

3) When did you first consider yourself a writer?

When I signed my first book. I’d like to say I remember the first, but I don’t. It was around the holidays so life was a whirlwind. My sister bought some books as presents and she had me sign them all. So did a good friend.

4) What is the best & worst advice you’ve received about writing?

The worst was to write for Harlequin then try bigger books. There is nothing wrong with HQN, but I don’t write like that. My stories are plot driven. I wasted some time trying to write like that.

The best advice was to persevere. I have and here I am.

5) Which comes first? Plot or characters?

Plot. I am a plot-driven writer through and through. I think “What if . . .” and then I populate the story with characters.

6) What is a typical day for you?

Paco the pool boy wakes me up gently with coffee. He serves me breakfast in bed.
Oh wait, no that isn’t it. I get husband off to work, then kids off to school. Then I write for an hour and go to my work. When I come home is when I will do other chores around the house. I will look at e-mails in the morning then again at night and Facebook those times also. Not really glamorous especially if I’m mom’s taxi that day.

7) Where do you see your career in five years?

I see myself writing full time and presenting workshops and making enough money to quit my part time job and hire someone to clean my house. That’s really a big goal for me. I love what I do, but it cuts into my writing time.

8) What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I read. I got a Kindle for Christmas which means I can read anywhere even if I don’t have my glasses! I also workout and hike. A lot of my free time is taken up by kids’ activities. One son works, but doesn’t drive yet. The other shows rabbits for 4-H so once a month we have a rabbit show to go to.

Here’s where you can find me on the web.

Buy link for Incendiary:

A paramedic and an EMT must stop an arsonist before they go up in flames.

Wow, you're daily life practically mirrors mine, Chris! I'm guessing that on top of the hour in the morning, you sneak in other writing time and forget the housework? Yep, that's me, LOL! Thanks for being here with me for a few days, looking forward to some questions and comments from our readers...


  1. The first part of your day made me smile;-). I enjoyed your interview...that's one hot cover! Best of luck to you:-).

  2. love the cover! dont you love the juggle of a house of kids, hubby and your trusty laptop- wouldnt have it any other way i think.
    Eternal Press 7th feb 2011