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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Ok, it's a brand New Year...Now what??

What are your plans, goals and aspirations for 2011? Any ideas? What do you want to change? Improve? Get rid of?

These are all questions I've been thinking about since midnight on December 31st - I met my writing goals for last year (two full-length novels and a novella), so that means I need to aim even higher this year. Isn't that the name of the game? To push yourself further? To improve your life, mind, body and soul?

So here's my list:


Two novels, two novellas and...dum, dum, dum, secure an agent (eek!).


Start a journal
Start saying 'no' more often
Spend less
Drink less wine (!!)
Enjoy more time with family and friends

What do you think? What about your goals? Are they much the same as mine? Different? I'd love to hear from you. In the meantime, here the blurb for 'Getting It Right This Time' due for release January 17th...

She’s back, but this time she’s a mother…intent on protecting her young.

Two years after her husband’s death, Kate Marshall returns home seeking security and stability for her three-year-old daughter. But when her path crosses with ‘the one who got away’…her husband’s best friend, she has to fight the desire to be with him for the sake of further heartbreak for her and her daughter.

A tough, straight talking theatrical agent, Mark Johnston is dangerously handsome, exceedingly rich, irresistibly charming – and branded by the tabloids as one of the UK’s most eligible bachelors. So even though Mark lost the girl of his dreams to his best friend, he finds no hardship in being single. Or so he thought.

Determined not to lose her a second time, Mark has to find a way to convince her they can work. But can Kate cope with the media interest and ruthless, money-hungry clients surrounding him, being anywhere near her daughter? Or accept that Mark Johnston is really the family man he claims to be?


  1. New year's goals...

    Well, I don't have to worry about my two small-press releases because they're both already lined up. (Big fat grin) And I have a third I'll be farming out once revisions are complete end-March.

    By end-Feb I need to have finished revising chapter one of my steampunk novel for the revise and resubmit a literary agent asked for (squeeee!)

    By end-Jan, however, I need to have finished writing a 100 000-word urban fantasy novel for the Angry Robot open door month. (Eeeeep!) Considering that I've written 17 000 words in about a week, I think I'm on target.

    Oh, and stay on top of my editing deadlines for one of my publishers, and make sure I keep my authors happy.

    Oh, and I agree on the less wine and saying no more often.

  2. Less wine!?! No way, but the saying 'no' more often to the time/energy suckers out there who secretly want to sabotage my writing, I'm there! Liz Arnold
    Message to Love
    The Wild Rose Press

  3. Nerine, you are so busy! You put me to shame for all my moaning about what I need to juggle and sort out. How do you do it?

    Liz, the saying 'no' is going well...the wine consumption? Not so much, LOL!

    Oh, well, today is a new day.

    Thanks for stopping by, ladies!