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Friday, 12 November 2010

Promotion Vs Writing

I have been so busy promoting and completing interviews over the last couple of weeks, I feel absolutely exhausted! The biggest problem I have is that the majority of my lovely readers and followers live in the gorgeous US (waving to all my American readers and writer friends), and so when it comes to 'chatting' and answering questions and comments, I feel as though I really let everyone down.

The reason? Time difference! Very often when I am thinking about cooking dinner, getting my daughters bathed and to bed, my readers are just waking up and so just as they are ready to chat, I disappear to bed! Not good.

I would love to think that you guys check back the next day when I have had time to catch up and respond - please tell me you do! Or am I losing readers due to my lack of immediate response? I REALLY hope I am worrying over nothing, LOL!

So if I've been busy talking with my readers (which I could do all day, quite frankly ; ) ) , what writing am I getting done? Not as much as I'd like but my latest work in progress is coming along nicely, I have to say. As I near the end of the second draft though, I do feel as though I'm going to have to change my word counter (see right). The 80,000 first draft is looking more like a 90,000 second draft - which is kind of worrying seeing as I tend to add another 5,000 + words in the final draft...

Oh, well, I guess I'm working on my biggest novel yet - a big fat Victorian historical! Any objections?

I am appearing on Romance Author Hotspot today, talking about my latest release, Transatlantic Loving - why not pop along and see what I have to say? There is a free download of the book for a random commenter who comes back to my blog and mentions the interview...

See you all later xx


  1. Hi Rachel,

    It is tough balancing writing and promotion. I'm in the promotion mode at the moment, and my writing is sadly behind. I'm hoping once I get past the big push of release month, I'll have more time to devote to my WIP.

  2. Fabulous website! Great post! Happy Writing!

  3. Hi Rachel, zipped over from the class of 85 loop. Love your website! Hope you recover soon from all the promotions. Congrats on the release of Transatlantic loving!