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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

I have just dropped my daughter off at her friend's house dressed as Frankenstein's wife and thought this intro was a perfect link to talking about my current work in progress - a Victorian historical romance set in Bath (although the hero is no Frankenstein!). I am loving the the moment, and would love to know how you guys are getting on with your current projects?

I'm sure the other writers out there appreciate the love/hate relationship every author goes through with their works in progress. This book has been one of the more co-operative ones, I have to say! I ADORE my hero, Will Samson - he is a hunky, Victorian rascal who is out to avenge an attack on his mother. Will and Emily (the heroine) have made this story a joy to write but every now and then it is inevitable that I have and will continue to, come up against a roadblock.

I have had this happen once or twice throughout the writing of this book and the only thing I can do is write straight through it! I tend to allow myself to write a 'dirty first draft' anyway as this completely releases me of guilt AND my internal editor.

What do you guys do when this happens? Do you write a 'dirty draft'? Edit as you go along? Take a break and re-think?

All advice is good advice in this case!

Rachel x

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  1. I'm like you. I push through and write SOMEthing, which I usually wind up editing the heck out of later, or not using at all, but at least it kept me writing.

    Do you every skip around in the story? I don't always write in plot order, but if I get an idea going, I'll go with that, even if it comes much later in the plot. Then, at some point, I connect the dots.