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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

My very first author from Whispers Publishing - welcome, Marie Beau!

Hi Rachel, thanks for having me here today. I must admit this is my first published story and I’m very new to this stuff. Although I’ve been writing for a long time (ten years), actually being published is still a bit of a shock to the system. A happy shock I must admit!

1) Who is your favourite author and why? Oh, just one??? I love Nora Roberts, Susan Mallery, Sheryll Woods, Linda Lael Miller, Elizabeth Lowell, JoAnn Carter, Christine Warren, Suzanne Brockmann, Nicholas Sparks, Karen Kingsbury…and the eclectic list goes on and on. I just love to read. Books have been my best friends (well, don’t tell my best friend that) since I was a teenager.

2) When did you first consider yourself a writer? I was 31 when I started making up stories for my daughter at bed time (she liked mine better than any books I brought her). And even then I didn’t consider myself a writer. But eventually, I tried to put those stories down on paper. And that lead to me writing “the great novel”. You know, the one that was gonna be a best seller…yeah, well, that one is still waiting for a major rewrite – but someday…

3) Describe your writing space? LOL. I have this cluttered little table down in the basement – just off from the family room (that’s hardly ever used). There are three bookcases in the room – two with novels, and the big one is filled with publishing, agenting, writing tombs – most of which I’ve never read. A printer, a stereo, and some exercise equipment fills the rest of the room – oh, and a guitar.

4) What are you reading now? I’m actually reading three, no four books. “The Last Song” by Nicholas Sparks, “Can’t Stand the Heat” by Louisa Edwards, “Smoke Screen” by Sandra Brown, and a wonderful Christmas story that I’m editing (yes, I’m an editor too) that will come out next year. Not to mention the ones I’m critiquing. (I told you I love to read! I can’t get enough of it!)

5) How many books have your written? Eight so far, but this is the only one published. Which is your favourite? That answer changes depending on which one I’m working on. I’m not trying to be a slippery eel here, but I write in multiple genres and depending on my mood and frame of mind it could be any one of them. Kind of like, what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

6) What comes first, plot or characters? Plot comes first – just ever so slightly. Because I don’t truly “plot” my stories other than a very general roadmap (I know where I’m starting, where I’m ending, and maybe a couple stops in between), my characters usually take the story line and run with it. It still amazes me how that works.

7) Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? Not so far, but I also don’t stick to a very strict writing schedule usually. I have to settle for squeezing it in when I can.

8) What do you like to do when you’re not writing? I play the guitar and write music, sometimes perform. Someday I hope to have some of my music published also.

9) Tell us about your latest book? Ahhhh, “Wolf!” Talk about stubborn meets determined, LOL.

Lyssa Merrick is perfectly happy with her life leading wildlife and wilderness expeditions through the upper Adirondacks. She’s proud of her business, and happy with the freedom to let her inner feline run whenever she feels the need.
Wolfe Reardon is pure alpha. As leader of his pack, he wants to create a wildlife sanctuary to allow certain species to repopulate the area, as well as to provide a safe environment for his pack free from the fear of hunters.
When Wolfe walks into Wilderness Wanderings, he knows he’s met his mate. Lyssa, unfortunately, is not so happy to discover her destined mate is a wolf. Long ago she swore she would never be a member of a pack again and she’s sure that nothing he says will change that.

10) What’s next for you? It’s not a question of next, really. It’s an ongoing process. I have two new stories I’m working on – at opposite extremes of the genre spectrum, I have three others in different stages of rewrite, and the one I’m going to start next will be the sequel to Wolf!

Release date: 10/1/2010
Whispers Publishing

For more about Lyssa and Wolfe, visit me at:

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Great to have you here today, Marie - I've got to say the way you described your writing space was brilliant. i can really 'see' it in my mind's eye. Loved the blurb too - can you tell us a bit more about Whispers Publishing? You are the first author I have had visit who writes for them and would love to know more. Comments??


  1. Forgot the excerpt. Here's a nibble:

    She was temptation incarnate. Wolfe wanted to let his fingers linger in her short white-blonde hair. Her pixie face and bright hazel eyes were enough to bring any hot-blooded man back for a second look…or more. The intelligence behind the eyes, the self-contained responses only made him want to dig deeper—get to know her—on every level. It was all Wolfe could do not to lift her over the counter and take advantage of the smell of arousal emanating from her body. But her look was anything but inviting. His fingers clutched the hand he was holding a little tighter, well aware of her resistance. Her sigh was his undoing. He reached behind her neck, his fingers luxuriating in the soft fur at her nape. He needed to taste her lips and take just a lick of her neck, maybe a nibble, mark her as his.
    Wolfe leaned forward, tugging gently for her to meet him partway, and suddenly he was holding…air.
    Silver white fur glimmered and he caught a glimpse of her twitching whiskers and pointed ears as she swiveled and raced to the back. Her transformation was beautiful. A lynx. A soft, furry, intoxicating cat.

  2. As far as Whispers Publishing, Rachel, they've been great to deal with so far - and quick too. Just 6 months from contract to release! Here's hoping the rest of the experience is just as good. :-)

  3. Hi Marie,
    Congratulations on your release. Thanks for posting.
    Christine K.