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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Getting Ready to Roll Back to the '80s!!!

It is less than two weeks until the release of my very first novella-length story and I cannot wait!! I have dedicated this story to old my school friends who went to Downend County Primary School with me back in 1985, and I really hope all my old girlfriends track it down and buy a copy.

Writing this book was a lot of fun because I wrote most of it with my favourite '80s songs on in the background to get the mood really going. The heroine, Lisa Cavendish is a mixture of how I imagine my grown-up friends from the '80s to be as well as a dose of myself thrown in. Knowing she lived through a time that I have myself, I felt I could write her honestly as well as authentically - and certainly a lot easier than I can my current heroine...a twenty-two year old in 19th century Bath, LOL!

Anyway, this post was just a reminder that Transatlantic Loving will be available in e-format only from September 29th - here's the link for the download.

Have a great weekend! Oh, and don't forget to cast your vote on my poll!



  1. You must be massively excited! Good luck with it, Rachel.



  2. As a highschooler in the 80s, I think I'm definitely going to be able to relate to these books and their stories!

  3. Lovely to 'see' you here, ladies!! Weren't the 80s a fab time? I LOVE writing this story, I need to find time to do another, me thinks!! xx