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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Can't wait for Downton Abbey, can you??

OK, all you Edwardian enthusiasts or English period costume drama fans out there...there is a brand new series out going out tonight on British TV and I am so excited about it that today cannot go fast enough! I am sooo looking forward to snuggling up on the sofa tonight, clad in thick, teddy-beared pyjamas and a cold glass of Pinot Grigio beside me!

Downton Abbey starring Dame Maggie Smith and the debonair Huge Bonneville is sure to have all the ingredients of what we love about these shows. Intrigue, romance, subterfuge and greed will undoubtedly be in abundance and I love it! And then you have the costumes, the house used as the Abbey itself, the surrounding countryside...mmm, perfection.

The only downside? The series is written by Oscar winning writer, Julian Fellowes so the dialogue will be crisp, witty, thoroughly engaging and most likely of such high-calibre, I will never want to return to the keyboard again. But then, I know I will because what choice do I have? I write historical romance because I love it and already know Downton Abbey will have me buoyed up and ready to go tomorrow. Not in the hope of becoming the script writer Julian Fellowes is, but the best romance writer Rachel Brimble can be...bring it on!

I'd love to know if you will be watching or start any conversation at all about writing, the Edwardian period, English settings, country estates, I could talk about it all!

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