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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Great to learn Gwenna Sebastian shares my passion for JD Robb books...!!!

1) Did you set any goals for 2010? – Oh yes! Ideally, I’d like to have two novels done that I’m in the middle of. One is the sequel to my current release- Lost and Found. I’ll be happy if I can get one of the two done and to my editor!

2) What is the best part of the writing process for you? – The research. I love researching and since what I write about involves mostly the Vietnam War era, it’s fascinating. I can’t get enough of learning about it. Right now I’m researching for another novel that I’ve only got a rough outline for that will be set against the famous battle for the Imperial City- Hue during Tet in 1968.

3) The worst part?- Writing up a synopsis in order to submit it. I absolutely hate trying to do that! Actually, the entire submission process. I get all tied up about the details and what ifs if that makes any sense.

4) What is the book you wish you’d written?- I can honestly say there isn’t a book I wish I’d written, but there are some really cool concepts, plot and character twists I wish I had thought of. The “background” of JD Robb’s “In Death” series I think is fascinating and I wish I could have come up with something like that.

5) Favourite author/s & book/s?- JD Robb as I just mentioned- I love the grittiness and sharp edges of those stories. I also love Suzanne Brockman’s “Troubleshooters” series which follows several members of a Navy SEAL team along with a FBI antiterrorist group.

6) Tell us about your latest release?- Lost and Found is an M/M romance. I like to base my characters in the military, past or present. Mark Connor is a Vietnam vet who lost the love of his life during an ambush back in the war. He’s shut himself off from everyone. He travels up and down the east coast, doing home remodels. He gets himself in over his head in his latest job, a house in the Outer Banks, so he hires Josh Myers. Josh is a former Marine who survived the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut. Unlike Mark, who basically died back in Vietnam, Josh now embraces life with wide open arms. Mark has no idea what he got himself into when he hires Josh. And Josh finds the quietly angry Mark way too interesting and attractive to let things alone. With Josh in the house Mark finds himself fighting to keep his memories of his long dead lover and his growing attraction to Josh. It all boils over when a Nor’easter blows into the islands, trapping everyone inside.

7) Tease us with a blurb/short except –
“If you’re going to San Francisco,” greeted Mark as he walked across the bedroom. He stood in the doorway of the bath. “Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...” Josh had his back to him, sweating some copper fixtures for the sinks on the far wall as he sang along. Crossing his arms over his chest, Mark leaned against the doorframe, watching. Josh wore a faded brown t-shirt with lettering mostly hidden by the baggy coveralls that hung on his lean frame. His long hair was tied out of his face with a pink bandana, of all things. But it certainly looked like he knew what he was doing as he soldered the joints, handling the small blowtorch with ease.
The song changed to Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower. Without warning, Mark flashed back to Vietnam.
Mark leaned against the Huey's shuddering frame, the jungle sliding by in a kaleidoscope of greens as he watched. The wind whipped around him as he glanced over his shoulder. First squad was jammed into the cargo area, everyone on top of each other. They were exhausted, some asleep, heads down, rifles over their laps. The smell of diesel, sweat, and blood washed over him.
The pilot was talking on the radio but Mark couldn't make out the words over the slick's engine and comforting whump, whump, whump of the rotor blades. Ryan dozed behind him, shouldered against Mark's back, his rifle wrapped in his arms.
This was safety, skimming over the jungles. Sarge played tunelessly on his harmonica. Most of the time Mark swore he’d steal that damned thing and hide it. Today, it didn't annoy him. They were on their way back to the firebase after almost two weeks in the bush. He was alive, Ryan was alive. Another day survived in this God forsaken hell.

Mark snapped back to the present, blinking, staring at Josh who had stopped what he was doing. He’d turned off the music along his blowtorch. He now stood, eyes filled with concern behind the safety glasses.

8) What is your favourite attribute of the hero and heroine?- Physically- it’s the eyes. I’m fascinated by that. And anyone who can admit they were wrong and apologize- no matter how hard it is.

9) What’s next?- I’m currently working on a futuristic Vietnam story as well as the sequel to Mark and Josh’s adventures. I’ve also got a WWII novel in the works. I like having two or three projects going at once.

10) Tell me where you write?- I have a netbook, so anywhere I end up. I’ve got two regular jobs and so I sort of write on the fly a lot of times. I’m also great for writing on scraps of paper while I’m on hold with insurance companies. When I actually sit down and write, I’ve got a work room all my own and shut everyone out when I’m in there. But for two young lady cats who have to constantly be around me! LOL

11) Where would you like your career to be in 5 years?- Being a full time writer would be a dream come true for me, so that’s where I’d love to be in five years.

12) Where can we find you?
Live Journal:

Thank you so much for appearing on my blog today, Gwenna. Writers of M/M romance fascinate me...i suppose two men are always better than one!! Comments? Gwenna would love to hear from you!

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