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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Barbara's missing!!!!

I am trying to contact Barbara Edwards who was due to appear on my blog on Thursday but so far, no good. If any of my readers, followers or visitors know or work with Barbara, please mention she is still more than welcome to send me her post but unfortunately I can only keep it up until Tuesday...
In the meantime, I thought this is the perfect opportunity to....(drum roll!!!) post the cover of my next book, YAY!!!!!

Well, what do you think??? The Arrival of Lily Curtis is my very first historical due for release by The Wild Rose Press on July 23rd. I am excited and nervous in equal first other words, can I do this? Can I really write in a different period? Will my characters ring true?? Help!!!
I'd love to hear from you all!!


  1. Very eye-catching! Congratulations!

  2. I LOVE your cover. And I totally understand your angst. I am published under paranormal. Out of the Darkness was released 5/28...but I also write historical and have a partial with TWRP now and am anxiously awaiting their reply. But...IMHO,if a book has the right GMC, then the genre shouldn't matter. The question should be, did the author do it justice? And I'm betting you did! Guess I'll have to order the book to find out. Huh?

  3. Gorgeous cover. TWRP cover artists do such a fantastic job, don't they? As for being worried about your new genre, and if you did a good job? TWRP doesn't publish crap, so I'm guessing you did a great job with it.

  4. I think it's great! Would certainly draw me in!

  5. It's a magical cover! Good luck!

  6. Howdy Rachel,

    Very attractive cover - the girl is great, but for me it is the lure of the brick building which appeals - the promise of intrigue behind the walls of ancient mellowed English houses and castles is attractive to someone from such a 'young' country as mine.
    Drum roll - I now have an e-reader, courtesy of my generous eldest son! Yippee, now I can order your book from TWRP.

    PS: I like the new style of your blog. Looks great.

  7. Hi Rachel,
    Lovely cover, no wonder you are thrilled with it, I know I would be. I write Vintage romances for TWRP but my first historical from them is coming out on the 2nd July, so I am feeling tad nervous too. All the TWRP covers are lovely.



  8. Thank you SO much for all your kind comments!! It makes me feel so better much to hear you guys cope with the same kind of feelings after each release regardless of genre.
    TWRP do produce beautiful artwork time and time again...I've just submitted a novella to their Last Rose of Summer Class of '85 series so wish me luck!!

    Speak soon - keep me posted as to what you're up to anytime. I love hearing from readers and writers alike!!