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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I am interviewing Mary Alice Pritchard today....

Hi Mary Alice! It has been awhile since I've posted an interview so I'm really excited about having you here. Let's get started...

1) What is your writing routine?
I write for about an hour after work and after my work out at the gym. I write from 2 to 4 hours on weekends. I usually start out by re-reading the last chapter I wrote and editing it as I get back into the story.

2) Which author/s inspire you to write?
Laurell K. Hamilton, Christine Feehan and Lora Leigh

3) Which is your favorite romance subgenre to read? To write?
I love paranormal and erotica. I write paranormal romantic suspense and have started an erotica short story.

4) How do you deal with criticism/rejection?
Since I get a lot of rejections, I learned to let it roll off my back. I take any the true criticism that I can learn from and apply it to my writing. Yes, it hurts some but you can’t survive in writing as a business unless you can handle it.

5) What do you expect from an editor?
I expect to learn and grow with each set of edits. I want to learn from what they find and be able to talk to them about what I really believe should remain the same. You should be able to bounce ideas off them and know they will tell you the truth.

6) Tell me about your latest release
See How They Die is a paranormal romantic suspense. It is about a woman who is living in seclusion because of being a psychic but she dreams about a murder of two teenagers. The hero is a loner who doesn’t trust anyone but finds himself drawn to the heroine. They have to work with each other to stop the killer from killing again and again.

7) Tease us with a blurb or short excerpt

“Look, I’m not going to Casper with you. I’ll email you every single detail from the dreams as soon as I can write them down.” Rhi waited, but all he did was smile and shake his head. “Then you’re going to have to arrest me.” She schooled her face to hide the panic that washed over her and jerked the two ends of the towel tighter across her legs.

“Can’t,” was all he said. His eyes never left her, kicking her anxiety level up a notch or two.
“What do you mean you can’t? Can’t what?” Rhi had a bad feeling she wasn’t going to like this answer.
“I’m not an officer of any type of law, so I can’t arrest you.” His dark eyes still held their promise of danger, his face void of any expression. Finally, he moved off the bed, stretching to his full height before slowly approaching her.
Rhi’s breath caught in her throat as she watched him draw nearer. Caught in the chair with a towel barely covering her, she had nowhere to run. Her only choice would be to drop the towel and break for the door, but she wouldn’t even consider that option. When he leaned over her, snagging her panties with two fingers from the back of the chair, she sank deeper. His face never registered the first hint of emotion, but his eyes grew impossibly darker as he slowly lowered the silky scrap of cloth into her lap.

“You’re going to Casper.” He caught her eyes with his and she couldn’t look away no matter
how much she tried. “Unless you’d rather stay here with me as your roommate.” Leaning forward, he placed a hand on both arms of the chair, smiling with that predator smile, more teeth than lips.

It wasn’t a particularly friendly smile, but one holding the promise of something deliciously wicked. Rhi nervously moistened her lips, still unable to tear her eyes from his, and tried to keep from sinking any deeper into the chair.
“At least in Casper you’ll have a room all to yourself.”

Dear God, she groaned to herself. That smile was a dangerous thing. When it wasn’t all teeth, being dangerous, it turned his dark eyes into fiery pits promising every exquisite torture a woman’s body could ever crave. Everything inside her wanted to find out what just one of those delicious tortures would feel like, but she knew better. The crackling energy around him seemed alive with a mind of its own, telling her even though a taste would be worth it, she’d likely get burned in the end.

10) Which is your favorite character in the book? Why?

Oh, Gavin, the hero, because he is so sexy and in need of tender love and care. 

11) What is next for you?
I have book two in Tales of the Cat coming out in July from The Wild Rose Press. The title is Leopard Dreams. The first book was Jaguar Nights.

12) What are you working on right now?
I am also working on two books and two short stories. I hope to have one book finished in the next month. One short story is an erotica. It is a new genre for me.

13) Your biggest piece of advice to aspiring novelists?
Learn from others without getting your feelings hurt and write no matter what.

14) Where can readers find you?
See How They Die is with The Dark Castle Lords publishing and my web site is

Thanks for a great interview, Mary Alice - can't wait for your July releases from The Wild Rose Press...aren't they just one of the best small presses in the world?? Bring on your comments!!


  1. Oooh. Great excerpt!

    And I do love The Wild Rose Press. They have been very good to me.

  2. Two releases in July-how exciting. Great interview ladies!