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Welcome the prolific and sisterly team of K M Daughters!

It is my huge pleasure to welcome Pat and Kathie, the dynamic writing team who produce inspirational and romantic suspense for The Wild Rose Press. Here is an interview with the heroine of their latest romantic suspense, CAPTURING KARMA.

K.M. Daughters Interviews Matty Connors

Matty Conners, our heroine in CAPTURING KARMA, possesses reputed, infallible psychic abilities. THE Matty Conners, famous for using her gift to assist police in San Francisco, her former home, earned her reputation by accurately identifying murderers. Then retaliation by a vicious, serial killer resulted in the brutal murder of her fiancé.

Years later back in her Chicago suburban hometown, Matty remains determined to exclusively use her gifts anonymously. Haunted by nightmares involving her fiancé, Matty still risks exposure to work with Brian Sullivan in solving a homicide. Why does she allow herself to be vulnerable again? What is the source of her courage?

Ah – love.

With love as inspiration, is anything impossible? Matty’s feelings for Brian result in simple faith – that he’ll honor her truths, respect her wishes, and understand the reasons for her reluctance to explore the visions she receives about his homicide case. She trusts Brian and that fuels her courage.

Pity poor Brian. He has no problem respecting, and appreciating sultry Matty, but her otherworldly abilities confound him. Contemporary psychics who possess similar abilities invariably profess that we’re all born with the ability to perceive the spiritual world – some cultivate that ability more than others for unknown reasons, and by inexplicable means. Perhaps Brian’s brush with his own psychic abilities is his saving grace to make him aware of the extent of Matty’s courage.

Matty chose a career as a vet, but her psychic ability fascinates us. K.M. wants to know more…so Matty agreed to the following interview:

K.M.: When did you know you had the gift of psychic powers?

Matty: Always. I had regular conversations with my guardian angel when I was a child. He’s my maternal grandfather, by the way. As I told Brian Sullivan recently, I always knew where the kids were hiding when we played hide and seek. He asked me, “Get beat up on the playground much?”

K.M. Well…did you?

Matty: Ha! No. Not once. The other kids never suspected that I had an… advantage.

K.M. Tell us about your work with the police.

Matty: I was in high school when I first contacted local police about a case. After watching the news that related information about a missing teen, I received a truth about her location. I told my Mom what I had seen and she called the police station. After 10:30 that evening a squad car pulled up to our front door. Strangely, I wasn’t intimidated at all at the sight of two, imposing officers in uniform. I related my truth and immediately accompanied them to the site – a Forest Preserve in the area. Thankfully, she was exactly where I had seen her. Alive – again, thankfully. She’s a mother now. And she sends me gorgeous pictures of her family every Christmas.

K.M.: And that incident started your career in crime investigation?

Matty: Not really. I don’t consider myself a crime investigator, more a puzzle solver. Where appropriate I shared information about my truths with the authorities and left the rest to them. Many times over the years my truths led to finding people who were not crime victims. Several times I assisted in bringing Alzheimer sufferers home when they had lost their way.

K.M.: Given your amazing talent, why did you choose veterinary medicine?

Matty: I love animals. And I’m able to channel, I guess, on their wavelengths. I vividly saw Steve’s (a co-worker in Brian Sullivan’s station house in Beyond The Code Of Conduct) dog nabbing M&M’s off their coffee table, so, of course, I knew what was sickening the animal. Lexxie’s (secondary character in Capturing Karma) dog clearly was hankering for some peanut butter biscuits after suffering through a visit to my office. I’ll shake any paw, and try to set any tail wagging.

K.M. So, exactly how do you do this? Meditation? Prayer?

Matty: Gosh, that’s like asking, “How do you write books?”

K.M.: People do…

Matty: For lack of a better explanation, I’m simply given insights. The challenge over the years has been figuring out what to do with very disjointed glimpses of puzzle pieces.

K.M.: Why did you take information to Brian Sullivan?

Matty: Have you met Brian? (Huge, mischievous grin) Actually, Jimmy Sullivan talked to me from the other side. He showed me a photo of his brother, Brian and asked me to deliver a woman’s name and information to him. I worked blind beyond that. It definitely involved karma to locate him at the Arbor Village police station.

K.M.: How’s it going with you and Brian?

Matty: Her lovely features transform, aglow with her radiant smile. Am I allowed to say?

K.M.: We’ll save that for another time.

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  1. Hi Rachel. Thank you so much for your gracious invitation to visit today! We had fun "interviewing" our fictional heroine. Matty is so real to us. We wonder what that says about our mental health? :-) Blessings!