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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Happy Birthday to my little girl!

So sorry to be a little slack this week - I have (and still am!) sick with a tummy bug that is driving me insane! Feeling a little better today so desperately trying to catch up before my eldest daughter's birthday tomorrow. She will be 11 - how can 11 years pass just like that? it seems like yesterday I was begging the midwife to push her back in and forget about me giving birth altogether, LOL!

Anyway, I wanted to use today's post to basically brag about the success of THE SHARP POINTS OF A TRIANGLE so far ;)...I am THRILLED with the reviews by both reviewers and readers. I have received so many kind emails via my website from readers saying they devoured the book in a couple of days or that it kept them up to the early hours. Believe me, there is no better compliment an author can receive than knowing you've stopped someone getting their usual shut-eye!

And as for the reviews?? Well, have a look for yourself...not bad at all, people, not bad at all!

I am excited at the guest list building up for March - can't wait to learn more about my fellow romance authors and their books.

Feel free to post your comments on Triangle or any of my books - I LOVE hearing from readers!

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