Friday, 29 January 2010

The week ahead....

Phew! Is it Friday already?? I have no idea where this week has gone and no doubt next week will be even busier. I am happy to say that the 'dirty draft' (or first draft!) of novel no 6 is almost complete. I should definitely have it finished by the end of next week....she says.
So...did you enter my contest on Romance Alley like I asked you to? No? You bad, bad person, did I not ask you politely? Fine, well, the book and necklace will have to go to one of the entrants I have nicely stacking up in my little hat then. If you did, hold your horses! The 7th of February will soon be here and you will know if you are a winner, YAY!!
OK, what am I up to next week??
I am meeting up with my some of my local Romantic Novelists Association ( on Tuesday for the very first time and I am SO excited (and nervous too!) at the prospect of getting to get to know them all and soak up all their wonderful knowledge! For any aspiring romance novelists out there, PLEASE visit their fantastic website to find out more about the group. If you are unpublished, they offer one of the best opportunities you will ever have. Check it out!
With regard to promotion, I am guest blogging on Coffee Time Romance ( on Wednesday so please pop over and leave a comment. I hate feeling lonely, people! I will be talking about all my books, my upcoming projects and the daily challenges of balancing work with family life. See you there!

Right, time for wine....

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