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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

My Path to Publication

Since 'Triangle' was released nearly two weeks ago, I have been guest blogging and giving interviews to various reader and writer websites, in both the UK and US. In that time, I have been asked to talk about my path to publication. It's a question every aspiring writer and even readers are fascinated by. And my God, it's good to be considered fascinating once in awhile, LOL!

So I thought today I would tell my story here too in case any of you are still interested in how little ol' me started on this fabulous, compulsive, addictive (and often agonising!) career.

I started writing at a VERY young age - I was six or seven when my teacher would ask me to stand up at 'carpet time' and tell the class a story. I can remember standing there without an ounce of self-doubt and talking until my teacher told me to stop - for those who know me, they know that now that would be my worst nightmare! From there, school essays became stories, B+s became A+s and English was a subject I could not get enough of - yes, I was called a 'keener' and still very clearly remember my English teacher of five years, Mrs Bryant. Ahh, the awe of an inspiring teacher....

Anyway, I left school, worked in a bank for ten years (don't you know that is a must for any would-be novelist??) and then I gave birth to my first daughter. Daughter number one led to daughter number two and that was when I knew I had to do this now or never. Short stories were written....and short stories were promptly rejected. On and on I persevered, learned my craft until Hoorah!! I sold my first short story.

I wrote with babies on my lap, kids at my ankles, dogs on my feet until I was confident enough to pursue my ultimate goal of a novel. And I'm very proud to say, my first novel was written and sold to The Wild Rose Press in 2007.

And the rest, as they say, is history....

The Sharp Points of A Triangle is novel number three, set at a financial conference in the picturesque Cotswolds with novel number four soon to be released and set in Colerne, near the famous city of Bath.

A very happy lady am if I could just get a 'yes!' from a certain agent....hint, hint....


  1. Congratulations, Rachel, on all of your success. You must be so proud to have accomplished so much with so much on your plate!Keep up the good work. Your a wonderful writer!


  2. Thanks, Maggie! And the same back to you - can't imagine NOT writing, can you??

  3. Funny how kids put life in perspective, isn't it? Congrats on persisting to follow your dream.

  4. It's a great feeling when you get that first acceptance letter! (my first novella was released in December) I find it impossible to write with my little ones around, so I have to wait until they go to bed to work -lol. Congrats on you novel! I'm sure sales will shoot through the roof!


  5. Congratulations on realizing your dream to be published. Your book sounds wonderful, I must buy a copy.

  6. Thanks so much Debs and DM! Debs, glad to chat to another UK author. Are you going to the RNA conference in July? Hope to see you there!