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Thursday, 3 December 2009

The wonder of pain and the creative mind

Sooo sorry to have been away so long, people! I have had two weeks of the worst tooth pain known to man. And no, that is not melodrama, that is fact. I have given birth twice, the second without pain relief until I was ten centimetres dilated...(that's a whole other story!), so I know pain. But this tooth pain, this agony, was so bad that I told my husband I would willingly give birth another four or five times if it meant stopping the pain shooting through my jaw and into my ear. I supposed you could compare it to someone taking a knitting needle, heating over the flames of an open fire and then ramming it through your jaw bone and directly into your ear drum.
Anyway, after 'a particularly harrowing extraction' (the dentist's words, not mine), the tooth is out and no longer consuming my life.
Therefore, normal life is back on course and I am pleased to be able to concentrate again - the most I managed to write last week was 2,000 words but I managed more than in a day yesterday. Book no 6 is coming along, slowly but surely. Right, I will leave you with food for thought...would a man really been that concerned if his girlfriend lost her teeth....?

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