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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Each day is a little different...

Everything has been happening behind the scenes with me this week and even though I am BURSTING to tell you my exciting news, I daren't yet for fear it will jinx the praying for, yearning for, wishing for, begging for, outcome. LOL!
I have finished the edits for book no 4 so I'm now just waiting for the release date. I already have the artwork but don't want to post it before you all have a chance to buy THE SHARP POINTS OF A TRIANGLE (cheeky but true!) and enjoy every morsel of Hannah and Jamie's journey. THe offical release date for the book, by the way is January 7th so if you are happy with an ebook go to the Eternal Press website on this date to download an immediate copy, or if you prefer a paperback, US fans can buy direct from and UK fans directly from me at the end of the month by dropping me an email.
Phew, blatant promotion over...
Where was I? Oh, yes, my next book...The Arrival of Lily Curtis. It's a my first historical and a great story of a handsome viscount and his new fiesty maid. Great passion, great romance and most of all fabulous characters. The butler is a close favourite of mine next to the hero and heroine, of course.
Now, if you're wondering why I have entitled this post, 'Each day is a little different' it is because yesterday my kids were unbroken and whole, today one of them is not. Yep, just like that things change. My eldest was dancing around the living room at 8am this morning and decided to connect her foot with a brick wall. The results? Two broken toes and a pair of crutches. All was not well until the said crutches appeared and then her little face broke into a sunshine smile worthy of a Colgate advert! I'm guessing she'll live, LOL!
So that's me done updating you...feel free to comment or update me on you!

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