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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Importance of the Review

How do us writers feel about reviews? Silly question, right? We love them when they're good, hate them when they're less than complementary. It's a done deal. Or is it? We know they're subjective and we know what one reviewer/reader doesn't like, the next one may love - so why does our self-esteem, our ability to continue with our current work in progress either shine like a well-polish ping-pong ball (good review) or skid to a stop like a car hitting a brick wall (bad review)? Shouldn't we, as serious writers, ignore these reviews. NO! Impossible! Are you insane? I hear you shout. The simple truth is they matter, potential new fans read them, editors and agents read them and most of all, deep down we want our endeavours validated.
But what I want to know is how much they affect your decision to buy or not buy a book...a little? A lot? They tend to affect whether or not I buy a book very little, most probably because I write and know the author didn't write the book with a good review at the forefront of his or her mind when she felt compelled to tell these characters' stories. But what about you?
Of course, your responses will lead to the decision of whether I submit my next novel for review....joke!!

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